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How to Choose a Proper Web Design and SEO Service Provider?

Are you going to get your website developed for the first time? Are you new to the field, and have just finished doing the basic research about web design and SEO?

In that case, you need more brush up to decide the best web designing and developing a team for your site. A lot of small and big factors need consideration while getting your site made. And the sooner you learn about them; the better would be your choice of the website designer.

Website design and development does not state all that you need to know

What would be your first steps as you try to search for a good website designing team? Maybe you would ask for recommendations from associated businesses, friends, and acquaintances. Or perhaps you will straightaway search the internet to get some of the names of web developers in the first row. Also, you may be interested in some advertisement or banner you saw somewhere. 

Whatever be the method of selecting your web designer, you must know about their services thoroughly. Just knowing the fact that they are a team of designers who develop websites is not enough. There are many aspects of site design and development. And not all teams excel in every aspect.

Some are good to design the graphical elements, and some are good at coding the framework of the site. Some teams work for doing both in unison. And some teams take more responsibilities which come with site designing, like developing the website content, and then doing the SEO for the content. Hence, just the words website designing and development does not state all. You must learn about their detailed services.

What SEO stands for?

SEO must be done next in site design, but after completing the content development part. Search engine optimization has two processes, and they are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is that part, which is done on the web site content directly. Hence, it has a deep direct connection with website development. First website framework and payout get developed.

Then content to fit on the web pages and webpage elements get developed. The finally on page SEO is done on that content inch by inch. And in this way the site gets ready.

How important is SEO for the website?

SEO or search engine optimization is the work done systematically on the website content and further on supporting contents posted outside the website so that the site stays ahead in search results than its competitors for targeted keywords.

This is essential in website maintenance and marketing. If SEO is not done properly, and ongoing SEO is not continued, then whatever money you have put in site design will go in vain. Good design, style, smart looks, and everything would work well when the site is promoted and optimized well through SEO. Hence SEO stands as a very important pillar in completing the website fully and making it ready for launch.

Understand the package thoroughly

Website designers come with a lot of package styles. The packages depend on their expertise, team, and infrastructure. Packages may vary from website designing only, to website designing and content management, and may also offer web and content development with SEO.

Depending on the package the prices are fixed. Now, you have to decide which package you want to go for. Without understanding what is offered in detail in the detailed checklist of services, never sign up for a service and make payment. Always understand fully first what is offered to you and then decide.

Choose wisely to save money and time

By this time, you must have understood the importance of content development and SEO for your website. Without content, the site will be empty, and without SEO the site will never be seen. Hence both are equally important along with good web design. Hence the selection of services can be made tactfully to save some money.

You will have to pay the web designer and also the SEO expert and also the content developer. If you get a combination of all three services, then you will be able to save some good money by paying for all the work together in a compact package. But if you opt for separate services and pay at three or two different places, then you may end up paying more. This you will have to research well before finalizing services.

Parallel or Consecutive

While combined packages have their own advantages, individual packs also have their benefits. Again both have some disadvantages also. The pros and cons of both are here:

Combined package 


  • You get all the services at one place and feel sorted
  • You get to pay for all at one place thereby paying reasonably
  • A whole team works on all the aspects of website development thereby synchronizing work and giving great output


  • If one department of the team is delaying the whole project gets delayed

Individual package


  • The work of web design, content, and SEO runs parallel through different services thereby speeding up the work.
  • You can choose any service you want without obligation


  • You have to pay separately which may raise the entire project costing
  • The teams are not working in sync but separately on their own, and hence you may have to make some adjustments in work later.


The more you know the importance of the different levels in web designing and development, and the importance of each service, the better you may plan it and order services. Sometimes the work needs to be sped up for a quick launch of the website.

And sometimes you are not in a hurry but focused mainly on best quality and hence have more time to bear with a perfectionist team. It all depends on the situation. But a proper knowledge of how web development is done and understanding the succession of workhelps in planning it the best as per the situation.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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