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How to Make The Best Use Of Instagram For SEO

Instagram and SEO can be fused excellently to take your website/business promotion to the next level quite easily. You actually do a search for innovative techniques in SEO and keep on tracking the authority SEO sites, speakers, bloggers and what not, in search of something useful, not so hard, and result promising. And when you have such a resource like Instagram ready to take your flight to SEO to the free sky then why not try it and find out its full power in growing your business!

Using Instagram for social engagement

Instagram send signals for SEO to search engines. It’s already declared in Search Engine Roundtable and Social Media Week, and also came out through other resources that Google does not consider social media for rankings. That said, social media does not lose its position in marketing and bringing traffic.

Its just that the links on social media are not impacting Google ranks directly, and yet have an important role to play in ranking by telling about the mentions, inbound links, etc to the search engines. This comes from a social engagement which means how you influence, engage, and bid your readers to your profile, posts, and activities on social media platforms through the sharing of high-quality content.

There are some search functions available on Instagram, which helps detect the use of hashtags, the most used tags, the locations where some tags are used the most, user activity and behavior, etc. Use them to full power to realize which tags may work best for you.

Instagram accounts do show in searches

Just like the official website, the official Facebook page, the twitter profile, etc shows openly and well on Google searches, Instagram accounts also shows that well on searches. Hence, you will have to take care that you d quality promotion on Instagram, so that it gets a good position on searches. Even when your website is lagging on searches, your Instagram profile may get the top or good position in a Google search, thereby driving the traffic to your website through this social media site.

Instagram Google SEO

Finding out the most important tags used in Instagram

If you could find out which hashtags have the most popular, which ones are the most used and searched for in Instagram, then you will be able to use them aptly in your posts too. And there are smart tools to do this. There are third party tools which will guide you and give you a list of all the important hashtags in use. You can see the statistics and select the ones you like.

Reposting relevant images from other users

If you can spot other uses showing photos of your products or services etc., then you may take their permission to repost those images on your profile. This will help you grow the account popularity. To spot and find such photos you will have to make use of hashtags in the searching. With tag searching, you can find such pictures.

Instagram helps you manage your other social media accounts too

It’s not easy to manage 5 to 6 social media accounts altogether and post everywhere, react and respond to responses, and maintain equal amount factivity level everywhere by engaging the viewers. Hence while one media gets more attention from you, another may take the back seat with time and with not yielding equally good results in SEO as the other media platforms. But Instagram here has a big advantage in keeping your pace with social media activity of other accounts.

You can link your multiple social media accounts with Instagram. Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, etc can all be linked with your Instagram profile. And this saves time and effort like anything. If you post something on Instagram, and you know that you will be getting a good amount of response to it, you may instantly post the same on other social media profiles too which you have already linked with your Instagram account. And this way, the parallel sharing, the parallel connection, all make for a smooth social media mesh that you can create and maintain.

Increase your Instagram followers

In the whole process, you would need one thing seriously. And that’s a good bunch of Instagram followers. You will have to create followers as much as you can so that whatever effort you put in behind keeping the account active and interesting, marketing and SEO friendly, and promotional must give you good results. If people follow you, you will get traffic and a good ranking with time. Else you will see your efforts going null, which makes no sense.

Hence to get a good bunch of followers who would genuinely be interested in your feeds and products, posts and promotions, you may take professional help from third-party services too. There are some quality services available, that helps build activity, shares, comments, followers and all, on social media sites. And if you get to use one such service, much of your efforts will show up.

Social media marketing and SEO

Social media is targeted for marketing and not hardcore SEO. And this you must understand while taking attempts to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. Your main expectations must be set around driving traffic and getting brand popularity.

SEO which relates to ranking in search engines will come with your efforts but not directly from any social media site. Instagram helps a lot in this by providing you with cross-platform sharing feature, hashtag feature, and link sharing feature in your profile bio section. All of them, directly and indirectly, send positive messages about your website to the search engines.

Concluding notes

Instagram can be used best for SEO when you create a good profile, post-high-quality images, and develop a good amount of followers. You must implement the strategies carefully to be successful. Until you do this, your full focus must be on building the account well while elevating and maintaining content quality at its best.

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