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Ways to Optimize Your Posts for Maximum Traffic

One of the primary goals of your posts is to attract a lot of traffic. Think about it, you want your words to be heard. This increases your profit, boosts your brand awareness, and, overall, benefits your brand. The thing is, however, that maximizing your traffic is not as easy as it seems.

It’s not just about picking better topics and improving your writing skills. There are so many technical issues that you need to figure out and some unwritten rules to follow. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top eight ways to optimize your posts for maximum traffic.

1.Write SEO-friendly content

There are a lot of ways to make your content more SEO friendly. You see, while the algorithm is quite sophisticated, it is still not able to interpret the SEO content in the way the human audience is. Still, it abides by some general rules of readability. This is why it favors sentences that are 20 words long (or shorter).

It also dislikes the use of passive voice and prefers subsections to be shorter than 300 words. As for the quality of writing, this is really not something that an algorithm can access. Well, to be honest, not even every human reader can pass this test.

2.Proper format of the post

Another way to make your content optimized for search engines is to properly format it. Now, we’ve already mentioned the size of subsections but you might also want to pay close attention to your paragraphs. These paragraphs should be somewhere between 80 and 150 words long, seeing as how it makes the content more readable (and more skimmable).

The headings that you use need to be properly formatted, as well. Here, H1, H2, and even H3 can do quite nicely. Other than this, you might want to read a thing or two about the on-site SEO and figure out a way how to get your metadata in order.

3.A choice of a topic

When choosing the topics to write about, it’s incredibly important to set your goal. What kind of a topic do you want it to be – evergreen or viral? You see, a viral topic will give you a ton of traffic right away, however, an evergreen topic will generate traffic for years to come. Think about it, tips on a random topic for 2017 may be all the rage in 2017 but will people really read it in 2020? The same goes for current trends. What matters is that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

4.Consult professional help

A lot of content creators tend to consult professional help at one point. Why? Well, while embarking on an SEO course sounds like a great idea, this really isn’t enough to reveal all the secrets of the industry. Here, you need someone with enough experience in the field. Experts behind GWM SEO claim that there’s a major discrepancy between theory and execution. A single quote or a piece of advice from someone who has spent years in the field can drastically increase the favors that you gain both by your audience and search engines alike.

5.Add suitable images

The next thing you need to worry about is the images. You need to choose thematically, seeing as how this drastically lowers the potential bounce rate. Upon reaching the page, people will immediately see that they are in the right place. Not to mention the fact that the image accompanying the text may increase the immersion, which means that it will also drastically increase their average duration of the visit.

Moreover, an image is another HTTP request, which is why it should be properly optimized. The easiest way to handle this is with an appropriate tool. This will also help you go a tad lighter on your resources, seeing as how resource-heavy is always a bad idea as far as Google is concerned.

6.Help people subscribe

Not a lot of readers are loyal enough to visit your blog every single day in order to check if there’s something new there. This is why you need people to subscribe or, at very least, give you their emails.

This way, you can give them heads up every time you write something. Provided that you’re relying on them to share this content or send it directly to their friends, this will give you a quick head start. Since through sharing, the audience grows exponentially, the sooner you start, the sooner you will reach your peak.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, these rules are really not that hard to abide by. At first, some of them may feel in contrast to your personal style but you will be surprised at just how quickly you will adopt these habits. In a month or two, you will completely forget that there was ever a time when you treated your content differently.

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