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Is XRP Still a Good Investment?

Ripple is a platform that offers a real-time payment system. Through this platform, people can transfer money to different accounts regardless of their banks or location. This is made possible by the use of XRP within the system. XRP is the digital asset that acts as a mediator for the exchanges, particularly those between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

There are several online avenues where you can buy XRP but in a gist, you need to have a Ripple wallet, get your XRP address and purchase XRP using your credit card or debit card, or pay through bank transfers and mobile money. Through online channels, you will be able to buy Ripple in Australia, in the US, or anywhere you are in the world, anytime you intend to do so. However, like with any other investment, using XRP to grow your money is not without any risks. Rest assured that the risks outweigh the reasons why XRP is still a good investment.

Ripple Transaction Protocol

One of the main reasons why it is good to invest in XRP is because of its transaction protocol, which is used for a variety of purposes. This protocol can handle an immense number of transactions across various nations while keeping the transactions safe and secure with its custom blockchain. Because the XRP transactions are peer-to-peer (P2P), the risk of failed transactions is minimal, if not totally eliminated. The best part is that the transaction time is relatively quick, taking up only a couple of seconds to complete.

Bank Partnerships

Another reason why investing in XRP is a good choice is because of its relationship with several banks, including the Bank of America, UBS, Standard Chartered, and JP Morgan to name a few. In fact, Ripple is one of the first cryptocurrencies which is widely accepted by financial institutions. For this reason, XRP has garnered a certain immunity from the ever-changing cryptocurrency regulations.

Value and Potential ROI

Since its initial coin offering (ICO), the value of XRP has risen admirably, having steady growth. With this trend, an XRP investor may just have a decent return on investment (ROI) in the future. In addition to this, if Ripple keeps on making headway in the banking sector, an investor may see not only a decent sum but even huge returns.


It is quite convenient to invest in XRP as all major cryptocurrency exchanges globally allow their users to buy, sell, and trade this digital asset. The best part is that Ripple has the lowest transaction fees.

To wrap up, retaining a place at the top 5 cryptocurrencies, XRP is still, a good investment. This is probably because of its unique protocol as well as its established relationship between several banks. XRP is also scalable, with a great ROI potential and it is also accessible, even imposing minimal transaction fees.

Like with any other investment vehicles, though, XRP has its own risks. However, you will not realize the full potential of growing your money without taking any risks. So, why not take your chances?

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