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How can I Find Great Voice Over Services for my Needs?

There are more and more organizations and individuals offering voice over services these days, and new professional voice over providers popping up all the time. With all of these options, you may be considering whether or not to hire the services of professional voice over experts, but it can be hard to know how getting professional voice overs might help your group, business, or creative project.

In this blog we will go over some of the options for getting professional voice overs, and how these might help you, so that you can make an informed decision before seeking out professional voice acting or voice over services.

What types of voice over services are there?

There are multiple different types of voice over services, all offering slightly different solutions depending on what people need. First, let’s look at some of them so that you know what the options are.

Amateur voice talent

If you are looking for a cheap option, you may look at amateur voice over providers. This can be as simple as asking friends and family, or finding people who want to expand their portfolio of voice over work. However, you will find several problems if you try this. For one, it is not very easy to find someone who is reliable and can get work done on time and with consideration for quality. In fact, if you have used voice overs from eager amateurs before, you may be unaware of the huge difference you can find between this and the services of professionals.


There are plenty of ways to find freelancers in any field these days, including in the voice over field. You can easily find a voice over freelancer, though it is harder to find freelancers with specific experience in the exact type of voice over that you need. Freelancers are often highly trained individuals who have the right skills and qualifications to help with your needs, and they are often fast and efficient workers.


If you want to have a wide range of voice over professionals to choose from, you may find that an agency helps you find exactly the kind of person you need, although it may feel less personal than working with an individual. Most agencies will have professionals who work within different fields and have the experience to help with different types of tasks. Some agencies also focus on multilingual voice over meaning that you can get voice overs in multiple different languages depending on your requirements. 

What types of voice overs can be done?

All of these options will let you access a range of different voice over types, depending on the experience and languages spoken by the voice over artists. It can be a surprise to people how many different types of voice overs there can be found through professional services.

What is the aim?

The best way to find the best voice over provider for your project is to think about what the intended purpose is and find someone who has a good amount of experience in that field. For example, if you want to get an instructional video voiced over in a different language, you will want someone who has experience doing professional-sounding, easy-to-understand voice overs.

On the other hand, if you want marketing materials that will really grab a listener’s attention, you may want someone who has more experience doing exciting, upbeat voice work. If you have a more creative project, such as a TV show, a video series, or a film, you may want to find someone with experience in doing character-based voice overs. Being sure of what the aim of your voice over is will make it much easier to get the best voice over that you can.

What language?

Language is a huge thing to consider when looking for voiceovers. Obviously, you need to pick the right language for your target audience, but it can be more complex than this.

You may also want to consider what region or dialect you are aiming for. It may even be best to get multiple voice overs to make sure that people who speak vastly different dialects of one language can understand it easily. Beyond this, you also want to consider who is doing the voice over. If you want the most clearly-understood voice over, you would probably want to use a native speaker who will have the best pronunciation and the most natural-sounding accent.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you look at some of the considerations and some of the things you need to discuss when looking for a voice over service. Finding the right voice over agency for you can help make sure that your message can be clearly received in a wide range of languages.

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