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Top 10 Tips to Get more Open Rates in Email Marketing

It’s 2019 and there are hundreds of social media sites available but email still is the most trusted and preferred source for digital communication. Email marketing has the highest rate of engagement compared to other networking sources.

Email marketing also gives a better return on investments. Each and every company make a great effort to stand out from the crowd and well-performed email marketing campaign can help you in doing that.

Tracking your email opening rates can help you determine how effective your email marketing campaign is. If your subscribers aren’t opening your emails then there isn’t any way to proceed. Poor email CTR is not going to help you anyway hence you must work hard on boosting the rates.

I have featured a few tips which will help you in building better strategies to perform effective email marketing campaigns. A well-performed email marketing campaign will surely boost your email CTR resulting in gaining more leads and sales.

1.Subject Line

If you want to boost opening rates of your email then you must work on creating an appealing subject line. Researchers have found that more than 60% recipients just due to the subject line will mark your email as spam even without opening it.

The subject line affects email opening rate as well as CTR, conversion and sales too. That’s why it becomes necessary to create an attention-grabbing subject line. Few tips listed below can help you in doing that:

  • Build curiosity in subject lines
  • Create more gossip by asking questions
  • Include symbol and emojis
  • Build a sense of urgency
  • Don’t make it too long, make it mobile friendly also

2.Work on Content’s Quality

Email marketing

If you think you have won the battle by just improving your email’s CTR, then you are completely wrong my brother. The actual content of the email also plays a vital role in enhancing your email opening rate. If you are thinking about how it is possible, let me explain;

If the subscribers won’t find your email useful then it is possible that they will not even open your emails in the future. An unworthy email can make them unhappy resulting in more unsubscribes. They may also mark your email as spam, that’s why you must work hard on creating high quality and relevant content.

You must look for the best ways to create quality content and deliver real value to them. Make your emails awesome by linking it to few valuable resources such as free eBook, webinar, blog posts, lists, expert reviews, exclusive interviews, etc.

3. Write as an Individual, not as Company

Don’t send emails just because you need to send emails. Your subscribers may not give much attention to your emails if the emails have a corporate tone.

Write emails like a friend to create nice bonding and be more personal with your subscribers. The tone of your email can make a huge difference.

Work more on making it more personal which will make your recipients not to ignore or delete your emails. In this digital era, people are obsessed with a lot of information and if your email isn’t friendly and appealing, they will surely move on without responding to it.

4. Timing is Crucial

Email marketing

Have you ever figure out the best time to shoot emails? 

If no then you must know that timing can affect drastically on the chance of your mail be opened or not. You must work on finding the best day and time to send emails, but how is that possible?

As an individual, it may be very difficult for you to do that but the internet can help you. Search for the data and stats about the best time to send emails. Researchers have figured out something worthy which I have listed below:

  • Weekdays are the best time to send emails compared to weekends
  • The rate of engagement is higher from Monday to Thursday
  • Best time to send email is between 10 to 11 AM
  • Content’s type, recipients age, interest, gender, occupation, and location also matters

5.Know Your Audience

Every business is different and their customers too. Before starting your email marketing campaign you need to understand your customers, their behavior and interests.

As for example if you want to sell office gadgets and looking for customers then you have to focus more on employed or workaholic people. Office staffs and employees will show more interest on your products compared to students or elder people.

Create email marketing strategies and content according to your product and services. It will be easy to deal with your audience and customer if you know what they like and what they don’t.

6.Create Segmented List

Creating a segmented list of emails will surely boost your email CTR. Maybe you are offering multiple products or services and one email can’t be relevant to everyone also an email for a paying customer will not be useful for someone who hasn’t purchased anything.

You can segment your emails according to your customer demographics, location, and interest. Segmenting the emails help you in targeting your customers in a more effective way. 

7. Avoid Spam

Once your email address got spammed your chapter will be closed. It’s true that spam filters have been more developed and sophisticated over the years but still, it isn’t perfect. It is possible that the spam folder can catch even your best emails.

If you want to increase your reach you need to work on not getting your emails flagged as spam. I have created a small list of tips will help you in preventing your emails from getting fall in spam folders.

  • Firstly make sure your recipients are receiving your emails
  • Own a good IP address
  • Get your domain verified
  • Include your location
  • Avoid using salesy language too much such as “buy”, “discount”, “cash” or “clearance”
  • Keep the codes clean

8. Add Some Humor

Adding some humor to your email’s subject line and the content will help you in stabilizing strong connection with your audience. Being a little humorous will be beneficial for your business.

You may be thinking about how humor can be helpful in building a better relationship with the customers. The answer is that our brain remembers humorous and funny things for a long time. But what if you aren’t a funny person?

Clearly, you don’t need to be a comedian or humorist to put humor in your emails. If you know the recipient’s likes and dislikes it will be easy for you to create humorous emails. 

9. Write Emails to Individuals

You may have hundreds and thousands of subscribers and sending email one by one may not be possible, right? I am also not asking you to do the same but make an effort to shoot email in a way so that the recipients think that it was for him/her exclusively.

Categorize your subscribers and curate emails according to their interests. Many internet marketers don’t take these things seriously but trust me it is going to help you surely.

10.Also, Consider Mobile Users

Email marketing

More than 65% of people check their emails on Smartphone according to various surveys agencies. Simply it minas that you can’t afford to lose those mobile users.

You need to make different strategies to target those users also you have to work on mobile-friendly emails. Mobile users are increasing with every passing day and it will be totally unhealthy for your business to ignore them.

I have mentioned few tips on how to appeal the mobile users:

  • Simple formatting
  • Keep the subject line short and digestible
  • Use large fonts for mobile devices
  • Provide enough space between two links
  • Include small images (reduce loading time)
  • Include larger buttons

Bottom Line:

Email is still a worthy asset for the corporate world even in the world full of different social media apps. I hope the tips provided here will help you in creating better email marketing strategies and also you can look for more hacks to boost your email CTR.

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