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11 Powerful Tools To Help You Write The Perfect Marketing Email

11 Powerful Tools To Help You Write The Perfect Marketing Email

Writing marketing emails sounds like a tough prospect for any marketer, but when you approach them in the right way, you can increase those email open rates and really start to connect with your customers.

You need to master being personable in your emails while convincing the recipient that they want to buy your product. If you’re looking to improve your email writing skills, then you’re in the right place.

Here are the tools you can use to improve your emails and get those customers buying.

1. Daily Page

If you’re serious about getting better at marketing emails, then you’ll need some outside help. This is where this tool comes in. It puts you in touch with a multitude of writing courses, that will help you with specific aspects of writing. Use this tool to get input from experts and improve your skills.

The best way to write good emails is to practice. This writing tool gives you prompts every day, as the name implies. If you follow these as advised, then you’ll find that you improve as a writer, and you’ll be able to more engaging and imaginative emails.

2. Best Australian Writers

Did you know that the most powerful part of your email is the subject line? When creating new campaigns, you may need to write a few different drafts before you get it right. This service puts you in touch with professional writers, who’ll help you with your writing skills. Use the reviews on this site to find the right writer to start working with. Once you’re in touch, you can start improving your email writing right away. Talk to the writers at this service, as they’ll be able to help you find the right subject line for you.

3. Via Writing

The best emails strike the right tone with the reader. They speak to them personally, and appeal to their wants and needs to keep them engaged. If you want to write emails that can do this, then this blog is well worth your time. Good grammar is essential in your emails, as it makes you look professional and details oriented. Read their posts to get the lowdown on grammar problems that you could be struggling with. It’s full of writing tips that you can put to use when you’re creating a marketing campaign.

4. Top Canadian Writers

Sometimes, you just need someone to take over the writing work for you. This is where a service like Top Canadian Writers comes in. The Huffington Post recommends sites like these for finding freelance writers, as they’ve already put in all the hard work for you. You can use them to find tutors to help you with your writing skills, or you can hire a writer to handle your email campaigns for you. Pick a writer who’ll be a good fit for you, and get working together on your emails.

5. State Of Writing

If a marketing email doesn’t look professional, then it’s likely that the recipient won’t pay attention to it. A good marker of professionalism is good grammar and spelling. If you think your grammar could use some work, then this is the place to go. Whether you want to improve your grammar or narrative prose, you’ll find a guide here that can set you on the right track. The writing guides available here can help you with any grammar issue you’re having, making your emails better.

6. Cite It In

If you’re using sources in your emails to back up what you have to say, it’s important that you back up your statements with proper citations. If you don’t, you’re actually leaving yourself open to accusations of plagiarism. You don’t want that, so make your life easier by using this tool to get the right citations every time.

7. Best British Essays

A good marketing email can speak to your customers as it hits their emotional weak spots. The best way to determine what they are is to work with professional writers, such as those at Best British Essays. It’s easy to write in some very simple mistakes that can affect your credibility as a company. To avoid this, you can use a professional proofreader to catch those errors for you. They will know how to speak to customers and appeal to their emotions, making them more likely to engage with you.

9. Easy Word Count

Like you, your readers will be stretched for time most days. When they get an extra email in their inbox, they don’t want to have to read through reams of text, just to find out what you want. That means that you need to keep those emails short and sweet. This tool will help you keep it to the point. It’ll also pick up any spelling errors too, helping you polish up your text.

10. OTranscribe

This tool will help you transcribe spoken interviews and other tapes, making it easy to use without having to flip between several programs. It’s a good tool for those who choose to record drafts of their emails verbally first.

11. TWords

Like anything, the skill of writing takes practice. The more you write, the better you get at it. If you need some help in being motivated to write, this is the tool for you. It’ll nudge you at preset intervals to remind you to write, and it’ll even gather information about your writing to help you understand your process.

These tools should help you put together emails that are perfect for you and your customers. Grab their attention and get them buying with you, by crafting marketing emails that will encourage them to use your services. You’ll soon see a difference in your emails. They all help you write excellent marketing emails.

Give them a try and pick the ones that are right for you. You’ll see a difference in no time.

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