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6 Email Marketing Trends to follow in 2021

In the domain of online marketing, email has become a vital cog in the wheel. It is used by an e-commerce business or SaaS for generating new customers for the business. The list of email subscribers would increase organic traffic to the website. It is going to provide easy analytics when it comes to customer engagement.

We are about to enter 2022 in the next few months, and email marketing will become a major marketing trend. You have to be on top of the game when you are in Flowstate and have a strategy in place. Let us explore some of the popular email trends in the present year. 

Email marketing personalization

A customer feels the companies should value their investment. The problem with email marketing is personalization due to a lack of automation. It would mean AT or automation to be sending targeted emails that appeal to be a particular customer segment. You have to analyze the shopping habits of the customers and rate those products. Then there is a need to have an email list in place which analyses such behaviors.

Some customers abandon their purchase, and it lies in the shopping cart. Personalization is important, and when you send messages to a customer, make sure you include their name on them. It may work out to be a lengthy process, but personalization may be automated.

Implementation of AI to optimize email strategy 

If you implement AI as part of your strategy, it helps to streamline the business operations. When you are analyzing customer behavior or open rates, it may be used to accomplish numerous tasks. 

  • Analytics could predict outcomes
  • Optimizing surveys
  • An enormous amount of customer data can be processed at a go
  • With SEO optimizer adding keywords

AI ensures that an email marketing campaign runs smoothly. You may consider it to increase the pace of your email campaign and undertake tasks that occupy much time.

User-centric content is incorporated into an email campaign

An effective way to avail organic traffic and bring more customers to your business is by incorporating user-centric content into your emails. A user is more likely to be using a product or service if they come across positive feedback. The greatest benefit of user-generated content is that it is free and presented as part of your email.

More and more user generic content may be generated via email. If your social media list contents are high, you can ask them to post photos that they enjoy the service or product tagging you.

An interactive option

Interactive marketing promotes engagement, and as tech progresses, it becomes popular. Formulation of this type of marketing into your email campaigns is not a hard task. It is possible to include it as part of your strategy in the following ways 

  • Surveys and polls
  • CTA
  • Gamification elements

A combination of relevant domains and resources will enable a mini-game that may be a part of your email campaigns. An effective way to achieve this is to link up the reward system and provide a gaming experience via email.

Formulation of privacy responsive emails

A modern-day customer has become conscious about their privacy. They are concerned about how their data would be used. As part of your email campaigns, privacy has to be at the center to ensure that the product meets expectations. 

This would mean constantly reviewing legislation surrounding privacy and adopting a transparent approach with the customers. Communicate via emails any upcoming privacy changes and convey to them how their information is protected. A series of these efforts showcase your company in a good light.

Appreciation mails to the customers

A type of personalization, appreciating customers, is there to remain big time! It provides a sense of purpose to the customers and includes 

  • Sending thank you mails
  • Personalized email messages and providing discounts

To Conclude 

Think on the lines of developing such mails to the present environment, and some companies have already incorporated in the regime. Discounts may be offered to healthcare workers or the frontline staff as customers feel that you are with them.

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