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10 Incredible Content Writing Tools for Powerful Marketing

Great marketing is the result of tested strategies, failures, optimizations, and consistency. Every
contemporary business is now promoting its offers through content. The content’s form varies –
videos, online blogs, newspaper ads, TV ads, huge street billboards, and so on.
On average, about 60% of marketers create one or more pieces of content each day. If you
think this thoroughly, you’ll understand that content is the single most important element of a
marketing strategy.

Without it, brands wouldn’t be able to communicate their message, engage with their
customers, or showcase their product’s benefits.
Regardless of your business type, your content marketing game should rock, meaning that you
should develop a content strategy that differentiates your brand from the rest. Information is
power, content is king – remember that.

As for the development of content, the biggest problem is that crafting amazing content is not
the simplest job. Amazing content is backed up by research, it is extremely relevant and
comprehensive, and manages to help people improve their lives in one way or another.
How do you skyrocket your content writing and content marketing results?

Become more resourceful! That’s right. You need to use everything you have at your disposal to
improve the quality of your content. From the text’s correctness to its style and personality, it’s
your job to figure out solutions. “After human resources, digital tools are definitely some of the top resources that marketers use to enhance their marketing and sales activities. For writers, it’s the content writing software.” – John Hayes, CEO at Essay Writing Land.

In today’s post, I’m sharing ten essential content writing tools that’ll help you take your content
marketing to the next level. Let’s get started:

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a wonderful tool from which both marketers and content writers can reap amazing
benefits. With this platform, you’re able to search for the most popular types of content, for trending niche topics, and for relevant niche influencers.
All you must do is search for a keyword and the platform takes you to your “targets”. You can
use BuzzSumo to collect topic ideas and make your content relevant and up to date. Besides
the mentioned features, Buzzsumo also gives you insights about what other people share,
including your competitors.


Content writing isn’t for everybody. Writing is not for everybody, as not every person is able to communicate effectively. Developing business content is even harder, and not so many writers
are able to get it right.
If you’re not so good with words, outsourcing professional help is usually the best solution.
Content marketing can sometimes demand a budget, so take it as an investment instead of a
loss. is a professional writing agency that provides different types of writers. For example, the last time I used the service, I hired a college paper writer because I needed
someone who knew how to write an essay. If you need comprehensive research, for example,
you can outsource research paper writing help, a feature that puts you in front of the best

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is considered to be the #1 spellchecking and grammar tool in the world. The tool
finds important grammar and spelling mistakes and immediately suggests replacements.
You can use Grammarly on the web, on your phone, and you can add it as an addon to your
Microsoft Word processor. The app has great flexibility and it’s also free. You can get advanced features by going for the pro option.


4. HemingwayApp

HemingwayApp’s name is derived from Ernest Hemingway, the writer who made himself
famous due to his amazingly simple writing. His writing style was very easy to follow and
HemingwayApp helps you identify sentences that are hard to read, clogged sentence structures,
and unnecessary words. You can copy-paste your text or upload a document, and in a matter of
seconds, you’ll get a grade. If the rate is below 7, your content is fine.

Hemingway app

5. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

How do you know whether your headlines are impactful or not? You use analytics and leverage
additional software to validate your suppositions.
CoSchedule’s headline analyzer tool is a simple tool that gives you important insights
concerning your headlines’ quality. The tool analyzes your headline’s type, character length, the use of power words, the word balance, and the use of emotional triggers.
A great headline will always drive more traffic than an average one. Start improving your
headlines and your content will make a better impact!

6. Cliché Finder

Most people hate clichés. Your readers and followers expect unique, high-quality content that is free of clichés and annoying language use.
Cliché Finder is an online software that seeks to eliminate your clichés and make your language
use better. The tool highlights the mistakes throughout your copy and allows you to edit them
on the spot.

7. Canva

Canva is the most popular web designing tool that’s used to create images, videos,
presentations, logos, infographics, graphics, business cards, and other different types of visual
Visual content. That is the keyword here. People don’t enjoy reading 2000 words without break.
That’s why the most effective marketing blogs have started to redefine what “quality content”
means. Exceptional content includes images, screenshots, infographics, videos, and other types of
media that is different from the text.

Canva app
Canva is a necessary tool for every content developer, especially for those who want to stand
out from the crowd and impress their readers with amazing visuals.

8. Copyscape

“SEO is an important factor of all decent content marketing strategies. If the content is
duplicated or contains bits of plagiarized sentences, your website or client is risking SEO
penalizations.” – Joshua Finny, Marketing Manager at Grade Miners.
For that reason, every content writer, editor, and proofreader that is demanded to (or wishes
to) develop SEO optimized content should leverage Copyscape.
Disposing of a plagiarism checker is the best way to ensure that you’re not being faulted by the
search engines. Even if your content is written from your heard, Copyscape might detect certain “plagiarized sentences”. It’s best that you change them and submit 100% unique content.

9. Easelly

Creating infographics has never been simpler with the help of Easelly. Infographics are
goldmines if crafted and leveraged properly, both for SEO purposes and for the value and
impact you provide to your readers.
Easelly is a simple online tool that gives you the possibility of creating beautiful and appealing infographics that truly attract attention.

You start with the selection of a template, you modify the colors according to your wishes, you
change the visuals and the statistics, and you’re done. Ready to publish and promote!

10. Calmly Writer

Distraction-free writing is the ideal state of writing that every content developer craves for.
Unfortunately, distractions are omnipresent, so we must find ways to at least reduce them and
minimize their damage.
Calmly Writer is a distraction-free writing tool that helps you focus on your art. As you’re idle, you get all the functionalities of a word processing app. However, as you begin typing,
everything fades away and you’re left only with your words, sentences, and art.
The tool includes a special feature called “Focus mode”, which basically highlights the
paragraph you’re working on right now and blurring the rest of the text. It also provides simple formatting features and auto-saving options.

[Bonus] Content Writing Tips

Using the proper content writing tools is one way to improve the way you communicate with
your prospects and customers. The second aspect is the strategy. If you’re working smart, you
can write less, promote more, and improve your results significantly.

Here are some useful content writing tips:

1. Never write blocks of text.
Blocks of text are ugly, annoying, and scary to many website visitors.

2. Use simple language.
You don’t have to show that you know the fanciest terms – writing about a topic is enough for
displaying your authority. Simple is better.

3. Be relevant to your audience.
Know your audience before starting the content development process. Follow a strategy and
gain direct and indirect feedback from your prospects.

4. Don’t publish unless it’s great.
If your content is average, better not post it.

5. Use professional proofreading services to improve your content.
You shouldn’t do everything on your own – find reliable help and save some time.

6. Be unique – a plagiarized essay cannot compare to a unique and custom
If you can’t write unique content, better not write content at all.

7. Write and read every day. Make it a habit.

Reading and writing on a daily basis will help you improve your content writing game big time.


Content marketing will never die because content is language. You can’t erase or unlearn the
language, so communication will continue to be effectuated this way.
The quicker you start taking action the sooner you’ll be able to raise your content’s potential.
Start leveraging the suggested tools and take our tips and tricks into consideration every time
you craft new content for your website, blog, or clients.

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