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Jobs Unsuitable for People Afraid of Heights

Jobs Unsuitable for People Afraid of Heights

Some jobs require working at tall heights, but are you ready to take a risk? If you have acrophobia – the fear of heights – you shouldn’t apply for these jobs. If you feel terrified whenever you’re on the top of a tall building looking down, it’s better for you to choose a job on the ground, where you’ll feel safe. There are a few jobs you should definitely avoid.

1. Rope access technician

A rope access technician works at altitudes that most people aren’t comfortable with. They clean hard-to-reach places, paint windows and roofs and take care of repairs and maintenance. They are secured by a long rope and wear helmets to prevent any accidents, but for many people, it still doesn’t make the job very safe. Rope access window cleaners aren’t scared of challenges and some of them even clean skyscrapers. This is a job for someone with strong nerves.

2. Firefighter

Many of us have an image of a firefighter rescuing a kitten off a tree. This job definitely requires courage as climbing tall buildings is a routine task. Firefighters are called in case of emergencies such as accidents or fires which require climbing ladders. It might sound great to save people’s lives and solve their problems, however, if you’re not a fan of heights, there’s no chance you’re going to last long in this line of work.

3. Flight attendant

Traveling around the world and visiting new places while serving passengers with a broad smile on your face may sound exciting. However, you can’t forget you’ll be thousands of feet above the ground. The job can be quite dangerous and demanding since you spend a big part of your day on your feet making sure the flight is comfortable for passengers. It’s not only traveling and staying in five-stars hotel so think twice before you decide to take this job.

4. Roofer

Roofers repair and install roofs of buildings with different materials. They spend a significant amount of time atop houses. It can get quite dangerous in bad weather conditions like winds so it’s definitely not a job for everyone. For security, they are usually held in place with a safety cord or thin pipe of metal. Roofing was in the top worst jobs in a ranking made in the USA in 2009 so that’s another discouraging factor.

Jobs Unsuitable for People Afraid of Heights

5. Glazier

Glaziers work in the construction industries. They cut glass into a multitude of shapes and sizes and install big panes in buildings. They often work on very tall buildings that are as high as skyscrapers. As a glazier, you’d have to lift and install panes of glass many feet off the ground. You’d also install skylights on roofs. Sometimes glaziers work on the ground when they install glass on a storefront but in general, they have to be comfortable on big heights.

6. Rock-climbing instructor

This job is perfect for adrenaline junkies. You have to have a passion for climbing high mountains and rocks without fear of falling and hurting yourself. You’ll pass your knowledge on safe climbing techniques and how to use climbing gear, harnesses, and ropes to fellow rock climbers. If you don’t feel comfortable hanging off a rock, this is not a job for you.

Jobs Unsuitable for People Afraid of Heights

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