Wednesday, February 8

5 Reasons Why You Need A Blog Page On Your Website

With digitization becoming the new lifeline, many businesses are launching a website. Each entrepreneur is working hard to have an online presence to avoid losing customers. Maybe you are also on this race. You opened an online store to target the fingertip society. 

Despite having one, things are still hard. You are facing a stiff competition. Also, appearing on the search results is a challenge.  You are wondering what might be the problem. But does your website have a blog page?

Most webpreneurs launch well-designed websites. They create unique landing, services, contact and about us pages. However, a good number fail to include a blog page on their sites. While you can consider it optional, having a blog page in your business website is critical. Here are 5 reasons why:

It helps your website rank better

As a other website owner, your goal is to appear on the first page and position on the SERP results. It is a great achievement when your business site ranks well but this does not come through magic. You must work around your SEO to realize this goal and a blog can help you do it. 

But how does blogging help SEO? This question is a common one among people with zero knowledge on blogging. If you are one, you need to understand the power of a blog. 

Blogging allow you to share information about your brand. It enables you to use keywords and links which are essential in search engine optimization. So, they act as traffic magnets and boost your possibility to rank better.  

A good way to establish credibility and trust 

Certainly, people buy products from business they know and trust. Building trust online can be a great challenge. With ranging competition and the presence of fake sellers, the sustainability of an entrepreneur lies in developing trust. Blogging can help you achieve this goal. Through blogs, you share helpful information with the target audience. 

The blog page allows you to continually share such information. With time, the readers start following you for more helpful tips. This aspect reserves a seat for you on your niche. So, you earn credibility and trust from the audience.    

Best approach to humanize your business

Business is a social engagement. People want to have a humanized feel s they transact with you. Despite digitization and virtualization of business, this element does not fade out. A customer wants to engage with you to have a reason for buying what you are offering to them. 

The only way you can do this is through blogging. Blog post share information that focuses on the target audience’s pain point and solutions you are offering. This aspect shows them that you understand their issues. Hence, they start viewing you as a solution provider and are likely to accept your calls to action.   

Strengthen your social media marketing 

Social media marketing is crucial to modern businesses. You must be available on these platforms to remain relevant online. However, your relevance will depend on the information and content you supply to the audience. Sometimes, crafting detailed social media posts can be a challenge. This is where blogging comes to play.

Blogging helps you develop concrete and factual information that you can share on social media platforms. When your audience finds it helpful, they share it with their peers. This way, it strengthens your social media marketing efforts. 

Work as a conversion machine    

Are you struggling with low conversion rates? You have a strong social media and online presence. Your website is receiving huge traffic. Despite this, only a small fraction is turning to buyers. Blogging can help you change this scenario. 

Modern customers want a lot of information before making purchase decisions. The only way to deliver such information is through blogs. So, having a blog can allow you to share more information about your business and enhance conversion rates.

And that’s how a blog can transform your online business. Go and try it.   

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