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What are the Benefits of Community College?

College education has become an indispensable stepping stone to success in the professional world. A college degree is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if you want to be able to afford nice things like yearly vacations to Bali and prime steak.

While there are many different paths one can take to achieve a college education, community colleges remain a viable option. Here’s why.


Getting funding for a college education can be a challenge. Your options for funding a four-year university education are more limited. Tuition rates at public universities have been on the rise, and private universities can be extremely expensive. 

Community colleges offer an affordable option, with tuition rates that are lower than those of four-year universities. This is a good thing if you’re not loaded and you intend to rely on private student loans to pay for your college education for example.

The interest rates on private loans are often lower than those of federal loans. If you pick the right lender you won’t even have to pay fees. 

Other funding options include scholarships and grants. Scholarships are often awarded based on merit or financial need, while grants are available only to students who meet certain criteria, such as being from a low-income family. 

Career Opportunities

Community colleges provide students with access to career training and job placement services. Community colleges often have close relationships with local businesses and organizations.

As a result, community college professors are often able to secure internships and job opportunities for their students. Granted, four-year universities also offer career training and job placement services, but there’s a lot more vicious competition for limited high-profile slots.

Transfer Options

If you decide that you want to pursue a four-year degree after completing your studies at a community college, you can transfer to a university.

Many community colleges have agreements in place with universities that allow students to transfer credits seamlessly. This is a great option if you’re not sure what you want to do after graduation.

Admittedly, the process for transferring to a four-year university is not as easy as transferring credits between community colleges. You may have to take additional classes to meet the requirements of the university you want to attend. 

Small Class Sizes

Community colleges offer small class sizes, which is beneficial if you need more personal attention from your professor. This can be especially important if you’re struggling in a course. Plus, smaller class sizes allow for more discussion and collaboration among classmates. 

Four-year universities often have large classes filled with all kinds of intimidating people. If you’re a painfully shy student who’s more comfortable in a smaller setting, then a community college classroom will make things easier for you and your anxiety. 

Social Opportunities

Community colleges are great places to meet people and make friends. The campus atmosphere is more relaxed than that of a four-year university, and students are typically more friendly. This can be a great opportunity to network and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Four-year universities are often quite cliquey and elitist, and the social atmosphere can be intense. If you’re looking for a more relaxed setting in which to find the Troy to your Abed(the hit show is set in community college after all), then a university may not be the way to go.


Community colleges offer flexibility. Many community colleges allow students to take classes online or at night. This is a good option to have if you have a busy schedule.

Four-year universities offer a limited number of classes during the evening and online. If you need more flexibility in your class schedule because you have a life, then a community college is the better choice for you.

So there you have it. There are many benefits to attending a community college. These schools offer affordable tuition rates, small class sizes, career training, and transfer options.

Community colleges are also great places to network. If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible option for your college education, then a community college is the right choice for you.

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