Wednesday, August 10

Your Easy Guide to Natural Language Processing and where it is Needed

There are different ways in which humans express themselves. The way they talk and express themselves is different. We tend to react differently to certain environments and situations.

Our emotions are profound and make us who we are along with the words we select and the way we say things. If you gather all this information about human beings you will know how they will react to certain things and certain situations. It’s all about staying vigilant and observing behaviors. 

Natural language processing processes the human language into computer language but there are many people who have different patterns of sharing information, with hundreds and thousands of expressions that are not possible to be interpreted. If there are many patterns and expressions the situation becomes very difficult and coping up with it becomes unimaginable.

There are different types of data, a few of which are structured and unstructured data. The conversations that we have or the information that is shared on the internet is an example of unstructured data as they have hundreds and thousands of combinations that don’t fit into the row and column structure.

How and where can NLP be used?

Natural processing language can be used in ways that the human mind cannot even imagine. It is hard to grasp how advanced the technological world has become. In order to be part of a better and progressive society adapting to these changes is necessary. Natural language processing services are used wherever you go, some of the few places that require the need of these services are:  

  • Hospitals: Human life is very precious and if something goes wrong you quickly rush to the doctor in order to get yourself checked. Natural Processing systems help make the process quicker as they are used to predict the results and predict the disease beforehand just by analyzing the patient’s movement and the way they talk and interact. NLP is also used to devise treatment options and medications that would be better for the patient.
  • Customer Choice: The way that customers interact on the organization’s websites tells a lot about their choices and preferences. NLP tracks their movement on social media which is called sentiment analysis. Customers’ choices and decisions are predicted in this way.
  • Spam stopping: Many large companies like Google and Facebook receive hundreds and thousands of emails every day. It is not humanly possible for someone to read a large number of emails in a day, half of which are spam emails. NLP is used to filter out spam emails and leave behind the ones that are actually important and necessary. Those that need to be read and answered quickly. 
  • The Healthcare industry:  The field in which NLP has been progressing on a crazy level is the healthcare industry. It has provided and made the lives of so many people easier although every person is a specialist in their own field they do need some assistance and guidance every now and then. NLP helps boost up the clinical documentation of the patient’s records which helps them to better understand what is going on with them, what medication they need to take, and what is the progress on their treatment.

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