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How to Keep Emotions in Check When Facing Risk

Humans are emotional creatures, and we all are led by emotions at some points and in some situations in our lives. Moreover, it is even hard to control our own emotions sometimes, due to many circumstances around us. Being in charge of your own emotions is a definite skill, which needs to be possessed by the person, and the skill which can be sculpted yet requires a lot of patience and a lot of effort. 

The emotions play a big role in our everyday lives and thus we shall not be called humans if we have no emotions, and if we feel nothing during specific cases. The emotions are the explosion of our feelings and thus, it is necessary to express ourselves in order to be able to control the emotions, and in order to be able to expose our emotions in general.

It is very much true that many people show emotions in different ways, which is simply because we all have different and mixed feelings in similar situations. This is what makes us individuals and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Though, there are some situations, when the feelings and consequently the emotions are relatively the same for everyone. Those situations include feeling happy or include being sad, shocked, or under the threat. 

While many people show their feelings in a very personal manner, the above-mentioned situations cause similar emotions and similar outbursts of feelings in us. When we are loved or when we love we all feel appreciation, or we feel happy, and we usually smile and are in a good mood. When we feel sad, our emotional condition is being very upset, which can be easily read through the person’s face. On the other hand, whenever we are shocked or nervous it is also very obvious throughout emotions and our behaviors.

One of the most interesting conditions and behaviors is whenever we feel under pressure, or we take risks, no matter in which specific case. The pressure which is caused by risk-taking and being in a risky condition, makes us feel very nervous. The nervousness is usually caused by the fact that we are unsure of what we are doing and thus unsure of ourselves, in order words the lack of confidence. Whenever we are not sure about our actions and the rightness of our actions, it makes us feel sweaty and causes tension. Those are the feelings and emotions which are the hardest to control and require a lot of patience and effort to get in charge of. 

What does it mean to take a risk?

Who does not risk, does not drink champagne they say, though it is also important to consider that in most of the cases, we pay quite a high value for our risks. This is exactly why there are so many people who prefer to play on the safe side and thus, avoid taking risks, rather than drinking champagne, which can be bittersweet sometimes even. 

Taking risks is associated with making certain decisions, which are usually radically different. By difference, we mean that one of the options should be clearly beneficial and safe or neutral and safe, while the second option should necessarily be risky, unsure yet more beneficial. People who love playing big would almost always choose the risky side. 

While many people love taking risks, people learn how to cope with the risks and consequent emotions better as well. This is something that many industries and many jobs offer, with their opportunities. It is important to acknowledge that taking risks does not mean losing or it does not necessarily mean feeling bad and nervous. It can simply be the decision that might have two kinds of outcomes. One of the best industries which require a lot of risks, but simultaneously teaches how to deal with the risks and how to manage the emotions is forex.

People who are involved in the industry for quite some time, understand that it is necessary to know some tactics and there are some ways to avoid additional risks and additional emotions. One of the best ways to manage emotions is avoid overtrading in forex, which is the skill possessed by long-time traders.  

Taking risk is sometimes associated with the braveness, yet it can also sometimes be associated with silliness. This is because some people say that it takes courage or nonsense to take the life-threatening or condition threatening risk. The emotions which we are exposed to while facing risky situations can be very complex and flamboyant. Some people feel anxiety, some people feel the excitement, while others feel fear and some people can not even feel anything because of the tension. 

While being under the pressure, and while producing a lot of adrenaline, it is very hard to keep safe and it is very hard to think rationally sometimes. Thus, while being in risky situations, or under pressure, it is very much possible to take irrational decisions and not be able to control your own emotions. 

Risky choices 

Among the numerous industries and fields, there are some industries that require constant risks and generally exist because people decide to take risks and put something on the scales. One of those industries is trading. Besides the fact that trading is the old professional and quite old activity, it took a completely different turn in modern society. To be more specific forex trading is the modernized and digitized version of exchanges and training currencies. 

Despite the fact that forex is getting more and more popular, it is still very risky and very time-consuming, thus not many people are capable of trading forex because it is not a suitable activity for everyone. Forex is being popular, due to the possible high income and being very beneficial financially, yet it is very risky. The industry is all about placing orders and positions according to your observations, and perceptions, without any guarantees. This is why it is always connected to the risks and 50 – 50 chances. 

Another activity which might be helpful in overcoming the risky and stressful situation is overlooking the topic from the extremely positive perspective, this might encourage the production of dopamine and adrenaline, both of which impact our brains positively. Thus it is very important to see everything from the positive side, and what can the risk bring to you from a bright perspective. 

There are a bunch of physical exercises, offered by therapists and psychologists, which are supposed to help people to overcome stress and adequately face risky situations, without any sudden moves. One of the best exercises is all about the right breath and being physically active. Paying attention to something else which is not connected to your situation is also a great way to avoid overthinking and thus stressing yourself even more. 

One way or another, there are always some very risky situations in our lives, and we all have to make certain decisions one way or another. Those decisions might not always be on the safe side, though might be quite beneficial and very efficient. Yet, make sure to control your emotions and be in charge of your own self. Take a deep breath and breathe out, try to make rational decisions, and drink champagne. 

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