Friday, October 7

3 Dream Tables Every Server Wishes to Meet

Serving tables has its ups and downs. However, the downs seem to be a lot more than the ups, especially while working with a certain clientele.  Serves usually narrate their frustrating experiences with customers, a concern that sees them hopping from one job to the next, either voluntary or fired.

With the notion that customers are always right, serves can have quite a hard time keeping their jobs. Finding a dream job isn’t always that easy, and keeping it isn’t a cakewalk either.

Browsing through listings to find cafes hiring near me, for example at can be quite a time-consuming task, and despite doing everything right, you might still lose the job. Despite a significant number of clients being quite the nightmare, servers also come across dream tables. Here are some of the tables that make the server’s job a delight.

The big tipper

Customers feel obligated by social expectations to leave a tip, a consideration that supplements the server’s income, especially noting that a good number work on minimum wages. Tipping, however, has no set limits. Despite enjoying a flawless experience, some customers are not as generous. Big tippers, while rare, are the server’s dream table.

Reassuring table

While tips make a server’s job a lot more enjoyable, it is not the only attribute that they desire from the dream tables. Some clients have mastered the art of leaving the serves with big smiles, even if their tips aren’t as generous. Kind and reassuring words are hard to come by in the industry, but this table can offer a server, even on their first day, with the drive to go through the toughest customers.

Their words are a reinforcement, the much-needed stepping stone despite the complexities that come along. You might be on the verge of giving up, but after the interaction serving such a table, get back on track and look forward to greater things to come.

The kind-hearted

Even the most experienced and cautious servers make mistakes. During chaotic moments, such as when the café is fully packed, the pace can be a little messy. Missing a detail or bumping into someone is sometimes inevitable, an understandable mistake. However, a significant number of people don’t understand, or at least recognize this; they’ll rain their wrath on you like you decimated their future.

This is among the worst servers’ fears, yet many customers stand out, making the experience a lot more comfortable. The kind-hearted clientele will understand the situation and offer you a chance to rectify the order, pay for dry cleaning, or leave without causing such a scene. Such acts of kindness are all the serves need to carry on, noting that they are also humans.

As you scale your career ladder as a server, you’ll come across various customers, each with a unique set of behaviors. Regardless of the work environment, the good and the bad clientele will always be there. While the experiences offer insights on handling various circumstances, some occurrences can leave you frustrated, even consider quitting or pursuing a different path altogether.

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