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Top 5 Brilliant Finance Apps For Students

Finances play a huge role in guaranteeing a decent college experience. Proper management of the limited resources means that you can buy the academic materials you need as well as fund your social and personal life.

Apps help you to keep track of your finances wherever you go. Buy assignments online instead of spending all your time in the library or holed up in the room drafting the papers. You can use the free time to make more money and enjoy a better college experience.

The best budgeting apps help you to keep tabs of your finances. You can watch limits and get alerts when bills need to be paid. Some apps also send an alert when money hits your account or can print spreadsheets for easier monitoring and record keeping. Here are excellent apps that will transform your financial management as a student. 

  • Mint

Mint is described as an excellent app for personal financial management. It comes with a simple-to-use interface that endears it instantly to first-time users. It has made budgeting easier and simpler for experienced budgeters as well as those trying out budgeting for the first time. 

Mint makes budgeting easier by helping you to complete the process in a few steps or clicks. As you set your budget, you will also include a financial limit. To keep you within these limits, Mint will send a message as an alert when you are getting dangerously close to the limit. 

Mint has also created a community with a blog to engage users on finances. The app sends tips on how to use your money better each day. It means that you are not just using the app for your benefit but developers are helping you to form helpful financial management habits. 

Mint is available free of charge. It runs on all gadgets including iOS and Android-powered platforms. If you need advanced features for your budgeting, you pay a reasonable fee each month or over the year. Developers appear to work day and night to constantly upgrade the app and deliver a better experience at all times. 

  • Pocket Guard

The name suggests that the app will be protecting your pocket. Yes! Budgeting and financial management mean that you maintain most of your money and can cater to the most crucial expenses. It seems to target students with a history of overspending or impulse buying. 

Pocket Guard is designed to assist you to develop a budgeting and money management habit. You link the app to your financial accounts, meaning that you will monitor each deposit and withdrawal. It is an advantage because you do not enter the numbers manually. The process of linking is easy such that even users who are not tech-savvy will not find it difficult. 

Pocket Guard has been used by businesses as well to monitor financial activities. It is rated among the safest in data and money protection. You can be sure that your money will be safe in the bank even with the linkage. 

The real-time tracking of expenditure will stop you from going beyond your limits. You can set a daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic limit. The alert you receive every time money leaves your account is enough poking to cause you to tame any devious expenditure behavior. The app is free and available on Android as well as iOS devices. 

  • Personal Capital 

If you have been budgeting for a while and need to save more or gain better control over your finances, this is the app to use. While it helps you to draw and live within your financial limits, it will guide you through investment. If you want to be the next entrepreneur, this is the app to install. 

As you transact, the app will show your net worth. It also allows you to manage bank accounts from a single dashboard. It means that you cannot lie to yourself that one account is healthy enough. All your finances are visible from a single dashboard. 

Personal Capital analyzes your investments so that you can spot the hidden expenses. If you are thinking of retirement or saving for a project in the future, this is the best app. It works like having a financial advisor tagging along every time you want to spend. 

  • Simple

Do you trust yourself to manage your bank accounts? If the answer is no, you are the right candidate to install Simple. Sometimes even the best accountants do not want to manage accounts. Whether you have so much or are running low, this is the best account management app for students. 

Simple plays the role of all the people with access to your finances. It eliminates central banks, tellers, and persons at the desk viewing details of your transactions. It consolidates all your financial details, assisting you to make better decisions. 

Simple has a budgeting feature and at the same time tracks activity as well as the amount in all your bank accounts from one dashboard. It also comes with goal-setting features that will assist you to accumulate money for particular financial projects. The type of data it generates and the details captured help you to take better control over your finances. 

  • Good Budget

Do you have friends or family members you would like to share your financial goals with? Good Budget is the app to install. It is an excellent tool when working on projects or trying to tame your spending with the assistance of friends or family. If you have a partner with whom you would like to share your financial goals and moves, this is the app to install. A good Budget allows you to break down the budget into categories, making it easier to detect areas prone to overspending. 

The internet has numerous budgeting up for different financial goals and situations. The features on the apps are simplified and easy to use, such that you do not require advanced budgeting or accounting skills to use the apps. With these apps, you can budget any amount and keep your finances in order. 

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