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Why Can’t I Share Posts to My Instagram Story?

Why Can't I Share Posts to My Instagram Story?

An Instagram story is a video or image sharing that will be broadcast publicly for 24 hours on your Instagram account. The Instagram story feature was put into effect by the Instagram app in 2016 and has been widely used by Instagram users since then.

Stories help your followers engage more with your account but also increase Instagram followers and have popularity on Instagram.

Instagram Stories with amazing features sometimes give Instagram users hard times. Many people complain that sharing lists are not available, story options and story buttons are missing, or content takes too long to load after tap send.

If you are experiencing an Instagram story missing issue, you should first find out the reasons why you cannot add a post to the story or add a post to the story to fix the issue.

If you worry about that you’ll not have enough views for your story then visit certain sites and see how quick your Instagram followers start multiplying fast and safe.

Here is the answer to the question why don’t I Share Posts on My Instagram Story.

Why aren’t Instagram story-sharing posts?

There could be various reasons why the Instagram stories option is not working properly for you. Causes of problems that other users usually encounter:

Not having a fast enough internet connection.

Trying to post a video or image that violates Instagram app policies.

Failing to meet the requirements to add a post to the story.

Using a private account.

One or more of these may be the reason why the posts to stories option are not working properly on your Instagram account. Scroll down to find out what’s causing the Instagram story problem and how to fix it. Start to share posts again! 

Check Your Instagram Account Type

As an Instagram account owner you can complain that not everyone sees the Instagram posts you add to stories. Maybe you don’t have enough followers to have faster growth on Instagram account.

If you are using a private account, only the users in your follower list can see the stories you share. Getting your Instagram stories to a wider audience is pretty simple. All you have to do is switch your private account to a public account and start making public posts.

Follow these steps to switch public accounts:

Open instagram application and login to your Instagram profile.

Click the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select Settings and then tap Privacy from the pop-up menu.

You’ll see that the account privacy is blue. Swipe it left and make your account public.

Check Your Internet Connection

It’s not possible to share Instagram posts on stories without being connected to the internet. Make sure you are using wifi or cellular data and have sufficient capacity. If you do not think that there is a problem with your internet connection, the problem may be due to excessive usage of the Instagram application.

 Instagram app is often overloaded due to android or iphone users traffic. When this happens, your internet connection may actually be seamless and fast, but it may not be able to handle excessive data usage.

To solve this, turn off the internet and after waiting for a while, turn it on to join the network. Open Instagram and try to share post to see if the problem is solved.

Update Instagram app

Are you having problems with story feature missing or not being able to see the story button in the app? If one of these is your problem, there are most likely software issues for the app.

Using the latest version of Instagram on your iOS or Android device prevents you from being affected by software problems. Some of the systems issues may be the reason why you can’t post sharing posts. There is a very simple thing you can do to figure out if the problem is with the app on your phone. If you have multiple accounts, log into them and try resharing posts. You can also do the same on a different phone.

If you don’t have the add posts to my story problem, it means the problem is caused by the app on your phone. The application should be updated to make a post to story from your original account.

Updating instagram app for bug fixes and better performance:

Go to Google play store or apple store.

Find instagram app on the search bar.

Click ‘update’ next to the Instagram app icon.

You don’t have to manually update your IG account with every update.  Make sure your Instagram auto-update option is turned on. Go to app settings on your Iphone or Android phone and turn on auto-update.

Clear Cache

The accumulated cache data of applications can sometimes cause the application to slow down or not work. Clean app cache periodically to solve the problem of not being able to post to your story and enable add post.

Clearing Instagram cache is a very simple process. It is enough to tap clear data and reinstall Instagram.

To clear Instagram cache memory on android you should tap settings and storage. Click other apps and go to instagram on the list. Click on the Instagram app icon. You’ll see the clear cache button with a trash icon underneath it. Click it and now unnecessary storage is cleared.

Monitor your content

Instagram, like every social media platform, has rules that should not be violated. These rules are to protect Instagram from harmful content and fake users. 

Your add post to story request may be rejected by Instagram if your content violates the rules. You cannot share someone’s post, if that post is against the rules. Making posts that violate the rules in the story may not only cause the public post to be removed, but may even cause your other accounts to be banned.

Not to violate the Instagram post rules or to remove the fix add post problem, the points you should pay attention to as an account owner are:

-Don’t use hashtags unrelated to the content in your story Instagram.

-Don’t share a post with banned hashtags. If you want to find out which hashtags are banned, just download and use any tag tool from the play store.

-Don’t use harmful or insulting language in the text part while sharing the story.

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