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What You Shouldn’t Do on Instagram

What you shouldn’t do on Instagram

There are always things you should avoid doing on social media, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or on Instagram. Not only can doing these things result in a whole lot of unfollows, it can also create hate and mean comments.

Watch for the things listed below of What you shouldn’t do on Instagram and you should be fine.

1. Over-Posting

According to a study which asked 1000 people who use Instagram daily, 5 posts a day is the maximum amount to not be classified as a spammer.

According to the study, people thought it was okay if people posted more than that every now and then, but a constant over-posting often made them unfollow that person since their feed was packed with post from only one account.

2. Selfies

Selfies can be okay at some times and under the right circumstances but normally, selfies are usually not appreciated. Instead, take a group picture or a photo with the front camera.

The reason why people don’t like seeing selfies in their feed is because they find that person to be self-centered-a bit like “look at me” even though the reality may be different. Our recommendation is: don’take a chance, avoid posting selfies.

3. Asking for Follows

Asking for follows normally comes of as very weird and it makes you seem extremely desperate.

Sure, asking for followers can gain you a few followers but you will not gain the quality kind that you really want, so avoid doing this.

4. Food Photos

Surely your company has more interesting things to post than just your lunch every day.

Unless you are a chef or restaurant owner displaying your piece of work, I would abstain from food pics

5. Write your caption in hashtags

This is one of the most stupid thing you can do – at least if you have a serious message you want people to read and understand.

Writing your complete caption in hashtags does not only make it extremely hard for the followers to read, it also makes your post look spammy. For example: I post a photo of a new article released on and want people to read it. If I then write ” #to #learn #more”, it’s pretty obvious why people will lose their patience and avoid reading the caption.

So stay away from writing your caption in hashtags unless you don´t want people to read it.

6. Don’t post blurry or low quality photos.

People want to see high-quality content and not some photos taken with a potato. Step your photo game up!

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