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What Should You Post on Instagram?

What Should You Post on Instagram?


If you have used Instagram for a while, I’m sure you’ve experienced that it can be hard to know what you should post and where you should find the content. This can be really frustrating since you want to keep a fresh and up-to date feed to attract new followers. In this article, we will be writing about the things you can do to help you gain your “posting confidence” and always have a fresh storage of posts.

Below are some things you can do when you are running out of ideas on Instagram.

I you have your own hashtag or a brand that have lots of customers that share photos of your products-post them. Not only does this show your existing followers that you have customers that are satisfied with your products, it also shows the user who has tagged you that you pay attention to them and that it is worth tagging you. Reposting is also a very good way to always have fresh content.

Connecting and giving your followers some motivation is always good. This creates a dialogue and a more engaged audience. There are lots of apps and websites where you can create your own quotes.

“Behind the scenes and latest info”
Instagram is one of the best places to build up your brands personality and give the privileged followers that are following you a first time peak at what you are doing. This will endorse people to follow you if they want a glimpse of what you (and possibly the brand) is doing. If you share behind the scenes and maybe a sneak-peak of a new product that is coming out, you´ll create a hype that will do your brand good when launch is around the corner.

Share personal photos and information

This is actually a great way to constantly have a fresh content and at the same time “make a profit” out of it. If you share personal information about yourself you´ll come closer to your followers and create a sort of connection that is more genuine than a smile “like”. If you also share photos of yourself you will creative a more genuine connection with the followers, showing how you feel with a happy selfie for example.

Final words

These were just some of many ways that you can keep your content fresh and up to date. We hope we answered the question “What should you post on Instagram?” but if we didn’t-comment below and we’ll answer to all your questions.


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