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10 Key Tips to build Brand and Customer Loyalty on Instagram

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is the perfect place to expand your brand and build customer loyalty. So, you can miss out on a lot of your potential customers if you don’t build your brand’s profile on Instagram. But building a profile for your business and making it work are two different things. You need to invest a fair amount of time, energy and creativity if you want that your Instagram presence reaps rewards for you.

So, you need to find innovative ways to make your Instagram profile stand out. This is important to attract valuable customers and to keep them hooked. Your posts should focus on attracting a large number of loyal audience members. Maybe you can consider offering something special like the Optimum economy packages.

If your brand doesn’t already have a booming customer base, Instagram is the perfect platform to build it from scratch. Here are a few ways in which you can build your brand and a valuable customer base on Instagram.

Always Keep the Message Consistent

The first step in making people take your business seriously is to be consistent about your brand’s message. Think clearly about the kind of services and products that you are offering your customers before you start posting pictures. This is important because if the images of the products and the services are inconsistent with the message that you are communicating, then it might reflect badly on your brand and might take you farther from achieving your goal.

Focus on the Visuals

Since Instagram is all about photos, you have to be especially careful and choosy about the visuals that you are using. Don’t use blurred or low-quality images of your products. Always make sure that the quality of photos is up to the mark.

Keep Your Business Account Separate from Your Personal One

It is important that your business profile has a professional outlook. If it is filled with your own pictures or your travel adventures, this is not going to work for your business. So, build a Business account and fill it up with posts featuring your products and happy customers.

Provide a Clickable Link to Your Website

Instagram posts are great but you cannot market everything on Instagram. So, if you have a stock of products, just provide a clickable link in the bio to make it easier for customers to find the desired products. It can also increase traffic to your site and drive up your sales.

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Inspire Your Customers

You can arouse your customers’ emotions through posts featuring other things than your products. These things can have a sentimental or fun relation to your brand and can help your profile stay refreshing for your followers.

Make Sure That Your Bio is Refreshing and Compelling

Don’t make your bio boring by adopting an overly enterprising tone. Keep it simple, refreshing and informative to attract more audience.

Provide Incentives to Keep Customers Hooked

Engage your customers by offering them giveaways and discounts to provoke them to buy your products. You can also ask them to repost your photos to receive a free giveaway. In this way, you can drive up sales and keep your customers committed to you.

Appreciate your Customers

Appreciating your customers is a great way to attract more audience and keep your existing customers engaged. So, if a customer buys from you for a second time, ask him/her to share his/her experience with your products. Share this review on your profile and give that customer a shout out. This will inspire other likely customers to purchase from you.

Read Comments and Respond in a timely manner

Never make your customers feel that their opinions don’t matter. Go through the comments under a post to know what people have to say about it. Try to respond to both negative and positive comments so that the misunderstandings can be cleared and concerns can be addressed in a timely fashion.

Use Hashtags

To enhance the shelf-life of your posts, make sure to use hashtags. This can prove to be very beneficial for your business. However, don’t use too many hashtags as they can give your post a messy look.

Final Words

Instagram is a great platform to build and improve your business identity. The key is to employ the right ways to make it work. Besides the regular posts that your brand profile may display, you can also market your products through ads on Instagram. It is super easy to reach your audience by using Facebook data. Plus, these advertisements can be as economical for your brand as Optimum internet plans pricing. So make the most of your Instagram brand profile by using these dope tips.

Article was written by the guest writer Linda Whitt.

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