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9 Cornerstones of a Positive Workplace Culture

team celebrating their hard work in a positive workplace culture

Positive workplace culture is something that drives employees to reach success daily and be as efficient as they can be. Moreover, it will be the main reason why the top talent in your workplace decides to stay and build their career within your company. People spend at least eight hours of their day at work so a workplace has to be an enjoyable place to be. What are some of the integral elements of positive workplace culture?

A place where every employee matters

Employees are not and should never feel like just a name and a number on the payroll. Also, if an employee knows that he or she is replaceable, then there’s something truly wrong with the company culture. In a positive workplace culture, every employee matters just like the next one. They should be given a chance to grow, improve and progress in their field of service based on their dedication and performance.

Top performers are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard just because of this. They want to do more than just clock out at the end of the day. They want to grow and learn and feel valued for what they bring to the table.

An open flow of communication

Honest and open communication is another trait of positive company culture. Everyone has a voice and open communication between employees can only contribute to a positive workplace. Open communication also means that people are open to collaboration, teamwork and working as a united front to reach business goals. Managers and decision-makers should be open about business goals and don’t hold back any key pieces of information from their employees. Also, feedback culture is a part of open communication as well, so be open to giving feedback as well as receiving it from the employees.

Office wellness program

Workplace stress simply can’t be avoided even in companies with an exemplary positive culture. But, a wellness program focused on employee health can help reduce it. This type of program can motivate employees to change their bad habits and turn them into healthier ones. This, in turn, can decrease the cost of health care because there will be fewer cases of chronic diseases.

A kitchen stocked with fruit and healthy snacks and gym membership is just some of the perks you can give to your employees. Physically active employees are less stressed than those who are not, so offer your employees an incentive in the form of a gym membership.

Make room for a zen office room

People need a separate area in the office where they can retreat when they need a mental break. This area is often called an office break room, leisure room or even a game room. Make sure this room has a source of natural light, comfortable seating like a sofa or a few armchairs and something relaxing like a massage chair. A massage can help reduce stress, pent up tension and put your employees in a good mood. Moreover, short breaks from work can only improve productivity and efficiency in comparison to a workplace where breaks are not allowed. 

Remote work

Sometimes people need some time away from the office to deal with personal issues, care for a sick child or just step away from the office. This is why remote work should be an option in your company. Strong company cultures offer this perk to their employees because they trust their employees that they will work with the same efficiency even when they are not under supervision.

However, not everyone is built for this because not all people know how to deal with distractions. But, remote work is a nice incentive and people should be given this opportunity in case they need it.

Meaningful Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is yet another trait of positive workplace culture. Every team member has a clear role and a number of specific tasks. This person contributes to the success of a company by completing their tasks. Further, by contributing to the success of a team or a company in general.

When a company celebrates personal or team successes, it shows that their efforts are recognized and valued. Further, meaningful employee recognition is another tool to retain the top talent, attract other talent and also encourage people to work hard and be among high performers. 

Unlimited vacation days

If your employees get work done before a deadline, you should acknowledge their efforts and reward them. It doesn’t mean that other workers are not working hard, just some people are quicker than the others. To improve general efficiency at the office,  offer unlimited vacation days as a perk for working hard.

In other words, this means that you won’t put limitations on vacation days. Instead, you can implement a system where everyone can take a day off according to their performance. This, in turn, can double up productivity and general happiness of your employees. This perk can attract top talent because people appreciate the fact that their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded.

Pet-friendly office

Many people own a dog and the fact that they have to leave them home alone for an extensive period of time can be stressful. Whereas, the idea of taking your pet with you to work is beneficial for the pet owner and other employees. Pet-friendly offices experience less stress and an increase in productivity. Dogs are known for their ability to improve a person’s mood and also provide emotional support. If a person has a demanding meeting and feels stressed afterward, they can play with the office dog and feel better. 

Casual Thursday fun

The main idea behind an office happy hour is to bring people closer. It will give them an ideal setting to network, mingle, share ideas or just have a bit of fun at the end of a long day. Of course, this isn’t something you should force on anyone, attendance is completely voluntary. But, when a company has a positive workplace culture, everyone will want to attend. Just make sure you plan these events when no one is pressured by a tight deadline or any other factor.

Motivate your employees to achieve more by implementing elements of a positive workplace culture into your existing culture. In turn, your employees will give back by being efficient and happy with their jobs and satisfied.

Article written by the guest writer Miannak.

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