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Why Storytelling is Important in Marketing

Why Storytelling is Important in Marketing

It is often that we hear the word storytelling in marketing but what is it and why is it so important?

Storytelling is a way of marketing that has shown to be very effective.

As humans, we respond to stories. Storytelling as a strategy in marketing goes way back to the beginning of the 20th century and has in fact been getting stronger in online marketing of today.

In order to sell a product, you need to tell people why they need it.
But that’s too difficult to address, because you can’t show every individual why they need the product. Different people have different motivations.


Seth Godin said:
“Marketing is storytelling.
The story of your product, built into your product. The ad might be part of it, the copy might be part of it, but mostly, your product and your service and your people are all part of the story.
Tell it on purpose.” and this is very true when it comes to storytelling in marketing.

So, what you do when storytelling in marketing is that you tell the story of someone else, in a way that makes many people feel related to, and then show how the product improved his/her life. If executed well, it will make the target group compare themselves to the story and possibly see themselves in that story even if it doesn’t match their situation. A successful result of storytelling is that the reader will conclude that the product will also improve their life, not only the person in the story.

Remember: As a marketer, you have to tell a compelling story to engage your audience. This builds trust and helps you create an emotional connection which ultimately leads to more sales so keep practicing on story telling in marketing because it is effective. You just have to practice until you are an expert at it.

Have you used story telling in marketing before? Did you get any success from it?

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