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How To Make Money On Instagram!

How To Make Money On Instagram!

How To Make Money On Instagram!

The first and most important step in making money on Instagram is: Building your page.

Without followers, no brand is going to want to work with you since you don´t influence people through Instagram. Learn how to grow your Instagram page here! Growing your page isn’t something that is going to happen over night.

Building your Instagram empire takes hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of hard work.

In this article, however, you’ll learn How To Make Money On Instagram!

When you look at major Instagram pages that have obtained everything from 50K, 100K, 300K, 1M, you can see that many of them have something like “For Business inquires” in their bios, listing their Email etc.

And a lot of people and businesses are using that contacts, asking them for a “shoutout“. A shoutout is basically a “shoutout” where a user tells their followers about a particular page/user and recommend them to follow it.

What you can notice when looking closely is that most of the major Instagram pages offer and charge for shoutouts.

This is the most important income source for big pages.

The most common Instagram marketing is when a big page shout out a brand and their products since the brand is hoping for a “ROI” (Return on investment) in the form of receiving more followers, putting their brand out there and ultimately selling more products.

Marketing on Instagram is growing more and more by the day and there are lots of people trying to hop on this “trend”. Some with success, some with less success not realizing it takes many hours of hard work.

If you want to look into this and create an influencer´s page yourself, just launch your Instagram app and use the search feature and type in things like luxury, watches, bodybuilding etc and you’ll find lots of large accounts.

Start following these large accounts so you can see how they run their business and what you have to do to join in aswell!

But this is what the big dogs are doing on Instagram. You can also do what is called a Promo where you charge a business to advertise their product, service or website to your followers.

Basically, these massive large accounts are a great source of traffic on Instagram. You can even just search for them and have them do a Promo for yourself and promote things like your own products, affiliate offers, CPA offers and even Tee Spring Tee Shirts.

Just go to the search feature in Instagram and click hashtags and type in tee spring and you will see loads of people promoting tee spring tee shirts.

If you have, say, a million Instagram followers, brands will come to you. If you have less, let´s say 90K, the case is often that you have to find your clients and ask them if they would want to market their products/brand on your page.

These accounts are like advertising platforms with their massive followings.

When you reach the point at which brands will pay you for sponsored posts, you should set up your rates for promotion posts. The number of followers demanded to be able to do promotion on your page depends mostly on the customer.

Some brands have a small budget and want to do promotion if you have 10,000 followers. Some companies have a big marketing budget and require hundreds of thousands of followers. In other words, if you only have a few hundred followers, you shouldn’t expect Instagram to finance your car.

Doing marketing on your Instagram page isn´t the only way in making money on Instagram. You can also use Instagram to market your own products/business to help you sell more. By having a large Instagram page, you can, therefore, make “free” marketing posts on your page to your own business.

How to make money on Instagram!

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