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How To Grow a Facebook Group

How To Grow a Facebook Group

Growing a Facebook group is great when looking to build new relationships while also promoting your work and getting exposure.

Here are some of the most effective ways to grow your Facebook group.

1.Invite your Facebook friends

Invite all your friends but don’t immediately incorporate them in the group all at once. When you’ve invited your friends, ask them to invite their friends. In this way, your group will get a large spread very quickly.

2. Post quality content

This rule goes for everything on social media. If you want to grow your Facebook group, then the first thing that you are required to do is to update your Facebook account with quality content frequently. When you’ve updated your own profile, making it look professional, you can begin posting in the group. Here you want to post engaging quality content as well. It does not always have to be your own links!

3. Be active

Posting quality content is the first step. Posting quality content frequently is the second step. It is recommended that you post inside the group up to five times in one day.

4. Cross-promote

Promote your Facebook on other social media platforms you are active on. For example Instagram and Twitter. Let your followers there know about your Facebook group and maybe even share a link in a Tweet or in your Instagram bio where they can find the group.

5. Decide on your goal

This one is an important part of growing your Facebook group. You have to be aware of your main objective. Is it having more members or a high engagement. knowing what you want to achieve can make it easier for you long-term.

6. Build relationships

Build relationships anywhere you can! By building relationships, you build trust which means that people often agrees to do things you ask them to. When you’ve built some connections, ask them to join your group (and maybe even ask them to invite their friends).

7. Establish yourself as an expert

Doing this demands time and effort but it is certainly something you want to strive towards as this can draw more people to your group. Portray yourself as an expert within your area (but don’t lie), you should work towards becoming the best in your niche and not just pretending like it. Otherwise, people will see through it.

8. Find groups with active posts and join

How To Grow a Facebook Group

Find groups and join them. Put some time into that group and “lure” the active members whilst keeping your group active with two-way engagement. Get them to vote, do contests, win a giveaway etc. Just make sure you are keeping your own group active to interest others to join.

9. Engage with your audience

Engaging is key for any type of social media success. Engage with your group members, ask questions and give answers. Share your work and offer to help. There are endless of ways you can engage with your members on.

10.Engage with other Facebook users

Comment and like the posts and comments of other Facebook users to drive more traffic to your Facebook page.

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