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Are No-Deposit Bonuses Typically Aimed at Certain Online Casino Games

In my opinion, the online iGaming industry is one of the most crowded and competitive out there. It’s no hidden secret that the industry is in a period of growth not seen in any sector with the exception of IT and AI at the moment. And so for an industry with tens of billions, of course, this attracts a lot of attention. Having a very small part of this pie can mean millions and millions in revenue, even for the smallest online gambling sites. And so I always try to figure out just how they try to pit themselves against one another to get the custom of players like me who are always looking for the best online immersive experience.

For me, a big attractive factor to makes me sign up and register for a site is its bonuses and promotions. And in particular, their no-deposit bonuses. I always rely on to compile and find me all of the top brands that are currently offering these no-deposit bonuses to new and existing customers like myself. And so today I’m going to explain to you exactly what these bonuses are and if they tend to be on certain types of games more than others, and hopefully, you’ll have a clearer idea about the no-deposit promotion world.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

As the name explains, a no-deposit bonus is a bonus that I can get by registering with one of the online gambling site operators without having to deposit any funds into my account. As traditionally, you would have had to deposit money into your account, like I used to have to, in order to get a free £10, for example, to play with. However, the industry has become so competitive now that this is no longer the case. They want you to register with them so badly and not go to their competitors because these are rapidly becoming the most popular form of bonus.

Although at first you may think this is simply them giving away free money, and I did at first. But I quickly learned that was not the case. Attached to every no-deposit bonus that you will see at an online gambling platform are terms and conditions attached to it. And the key term that you’re going to want to look at within these terms is something called wagering requirements. And to briefly explain, let’s say I won on my no-deposit bonus and won a total of £10. But since the wagering requirement was £50, I would have to use those funds over the course of 5 x £10 bets so that £50 had been staked before it turned into ‘cash’ that I could then withdraw.

What games are they used to?

Now, to loop back to the original question, are there certain types of games that no deposit bonuses are aimed at? Well, firstly, yes. These online brands don’t just offer no-deposit bonuses to try and attract new customers to their site; they are also a key part of promoting new games. For example, if they have just added a brand new pokie to their catalogue and they are wanting people to become aware of their new offering, they will offer players like me a no deposit bonus to be able to play and experience the slot so I can find out what it’s all about. They are sometimes also available in live games.

Their logic behind this is that people will either start to like the game and play with real funds or they will start to become more aware of the brand and later on in their customer journey start to play on other games on the site. Overall, it is a powerful marketing tool for these brands to utilise, and of course, to users like me, it’s a really attractive proposition.

There are a range of different types of games and areas of an online website or casino that a no-deposit bonus could apply to; these include:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Online Slots
  • Sports Betting
  • Craps

But I always make sure to read the terms and conditions, as even though it is a risk-free bet, I find myself getting annoyed, and the whole situation is a bit anticlimactic. If I win big with my no-deposit bonus, then I find that the wagering requirements are very excessive, to the point where it even seems quite unlikely that you’re ever going to be able to withdraw your winnings.

And what I would finish by advising you is to never start to get carried away following a win with your bonus. Or if you lose, you need to consider that it was all risk-free and then not bet more of the real funds that you can’t afford to lose, and then you end up in a financial predicament.

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