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What are Some of the New Ways That Live Casino Games are Being Marketed?

Live online casino emerged in the early 2010s, but it has exploded in recent years thanks to the mainstream success of live streaming. It continues to be an up-and-coming category at online casinos, with developers putting a great deal of focus on helping live casino games evolve.

Now, live casino elements are playing a role in attracting new players to online casinos. The game type is being integrated into digital marketing campaigns, and giving players a taster of what they can expect if they play one of the titles at an online casino.

Live Casino On the Rise

Slots are still the most popular offerings, but live casino is creeping up behind. Overall market trends show that live games are expanding rapidly. Players can opt to play Spin a Win live and other game show offerings designed to attract a wider playing demographic. The lucky wheel game is highly accessible, with a few different betting options such as colors or odd numbers.

Anyone can get the hang of these game show offerings quickly and easily, with no casino experience necessary. Casinos are marketing these titles and raising awareness of them – to attract new casino players to their sites.

New Ways to Market Casino Games

Along with online casinos, Twitch was one of the early pioneers of live streaming. The platform has become a great tool for marketing live casino experiences, as countless users stream their games to large audiences. This gives people a chance to get a taste of the games without having to risk any of their funds. It’s entertaining for viewers and provides an opportunity for real-time interaction too. That means that they can ask streamers for tips and advice about the games, and where to play them.

Online casinos are now finding it lucrative to go into partnerships with popular streamers who can promote their games. This is a common marketing among all types of streamers, with the top names in the business making money through affiliate schemes with brands. Micro-influencers also stand a good chance of making money through their social media posts. But how much does an influencer make through posting? Depending on how many followers a person has, they could make around $1,500 per post. Well-known influencers can add a personal touch and help viewers develop trust in the online casinos they promote.

Interactive Ads With Live Casino Elements

As the digital marketing industry has ballooned into the $689.8 billion industry it is today, marketers have had to get innovative with their approaches. One of the most recent advancements is interactive advertising, and this is something that suits casinos perfectly.

Casinos can bring gamification into their marketing methods now by offering live casino elements in interactive ads. These can come in the form of giving players a chance to spin a wheel to win a prize or giving them a small trial of a new game to pique their interest.

It’s clear that online casinos know how important live games are for the future of the industry, and this is reflected in their marketing. There are bound to be loads of innovative ways for casinos to promote these titles in the future.

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