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How Much Do You Need To Invest To Get A Hk Visa?

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A business visa is one of the necessary documents that you need to travel around the world for entrepreneurs. 

While you are trying to enter Hong Kong, a migration visa which is known as an entry for investment is necessary. Well, this is a special entrepreneur visa only applicable for business trips. 

Whether you want to set up your business in Hong Kong or try to grab a quick trip for business purposes, you will need a business visa. 

Well, the entrepreneur’s visa may last for one year. So, applying for an entrepreneurship visa is a wise option for all business experts. Being the prime place for business development, you cannot simply escape the nature of Hong Kong as a business hub.

Well, applying for a business visa is complicated, and it takes various considerations. If you don’t know the particular steps, including the criteria, it can be a cumbersome process for you. 

But don’t worry!

We have got you covered this time. 

Investment Requirements

Without investments, business is not possible. We all know that, and as an entrepreneur, you know this better than others. 

But do you know that even for a visa application, you need to show a proper investment pattern to the visa authorities?

Well, there is no particular investment requirement for a business visa in Hong Kong. But that does not mean you can apply empty hands. 

The authority will watch the whole business plan that you have on your trip. Apart from that, they check if your investment is enough to lure your business into Hong Kong for at least 3-6 months.

Now it’s your turn to show a sufficient investment to the visa authorities. 

Check Out The Eligibility Criteria

There are some basic eligibility criteria that you may need to consider while applying for an HK visa. 

  • Neven, engage yourself with criminal issues. Any criminal record will leave you denied from the visa procedure. 
  • Educational qualification is a must. At least an undergraduate degree or some relevant degree like technical qualifications or professional abilities may be required in your eligibility criteria. 
  • If you are considering a business purpose in Hong Kong, you will have to prove that your business is beneficial to the financial aspects of Hong Kong. Employment, supplies, and manufacturing facilities need to be under your contributions. 
  • Try and incorporate with a Hong Kong company before you apply for the visa. 

Documents You Need

An application for an HK visa needs a sponsor. So, you have to consider a particular HK company that can sponsor your visa for approval. 

Well, there are some documents that you need to provide for the approval process of the visa. 

From your end,

  • An application form.
  • Passport.
  • Hong Kong identity card.
  • Company’s Appointment Letter or Employment Contract.
  • Proof of academic qualifications (including working experience).
  • Two-year business plan.
  • Proof of overseas residence.

Apart from that, you have to visit the Inland Revenue Department to ensure a Business Registration Certificate. 

If you are able to fill in all these documents, then you are already half done with the visa application process. 

A Solid Business Plan

Your entrepreneur visa application is incomplete without a business plan. We have already mentioned above you need to provide a two-year business plan. 

Convincing the authorities about your business plan needs to be solid in structure. If you are not able to provide them with a plan which is profitable for HK, the chances of getting your visa might shrink. 

Well, there are four important things you have to cope with properly. 

  • A solid business plan that you are going to deliver in HK.
  • Capital investment is relevant to the plan.
  • Proposed business vehicle.
  • Soothing business premises.

Consider these above-mentioned factors to build a strong document base on your visa application. Well, in such cases, the faster you register your business, the better it becomes for you to get the visa. 

Minimize your registration process by considering the latest arrangements from the business registration office.

Timeline And Procedure

You have to submit all your documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. 

The visa processing time for your application is around 3-5 months. After that, you can simply collect the Visa/Entry Permit label from the office

If the authority finds your plan genuine and strong, they will approve your visa without any further problems. 

This is where you need to ensure maximum capital to the business plan for a better investment process. 300,000 or 400,000 Hong Kong dollars can be a good capital investment for your entrepreneurship visa. 

Do You Need Help From A Professional?

After considering all the above-mentioned aspects, it is clear that approving your business visa in Hong Kong is not an easy process. So, you might seek some expert tips on your way to visa approval. 

Well, it’s possible with an Investment Visa HK. They have the experience to ensure better and quick solutions.

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