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Here Are Some Companies That Have Started To Invest In Bitcoins

In today’s modern era, Bitcoin is considered one of the massive digital assets based on blockchain, having a market capitalization of about $896.7 billion as of December 2021. Due to the increasing market popularity of Bitcoin Prime, it has started to get accepted among crypto enthusiasts and theoretical investors. 

Many business owners have started to invest massively in their preferred form of digital assets. If you are planning to start your trading in Bitcoins, choose Bitcoin Era, a safe and secure online crypto trading platform.

Below highlighted are the top 5 companies that have started to invest in Bitcoins. Read on further to know more.

1. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy has adopted Bitcoin as their main reserved asset as the renowned business analytics platform.The company manufactured the mobile software and cloud-based services and continued its Bitcoin buying spree throughout 2021. It holds about 124,391 BTC in reserve, which is equivalent to over $5.8 billion in BTC according to the data of December 2021. The CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, mentioned they bought $1,000 in Bitcoin. 

2. Tesla

Tesla is the EV or electric vehicle manufacturer who joined the companies in rank holding Bitcoin with SEC filing that reveals that the company is investing an aggregate of $1.50 billion in their crypto coin with company’s 42902 BTC, whose current worth is about $2.04 billion.

Tesla mainly sold about 10% of the holdings in Bitcoin in Q1 2021. The bitcoin of the company its months of speculations, as per what Elon Musk had mentioned. MicroStrategy’s Saylor in late 2020 even offered to share his playbook to invest in Bitcoin along with Musk even after arguing about the move into Bitcoin that would do some favor to Tesla shareholders 

3. Galaxy Digital Holdings

Bitcoin is involved directly with the crypto industry, which is the massive institutional holder of Bitcoin focused mainly on their merchant bank, Galaxy Digital Holdings, which consists of about 16,000 BTC as reported through, which is worth over $779 million in their current costs.

The company is known to be partnering with the crypto companies that include BlockFi and Block one was founded in January 2018 by Michael Novogratz. He is mainly focused on advocating for bitcoin. He even noted that the stimulus was mainly measured as announced in their response to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic that is driving interest in their digital currencies that termed it “Bitcoin’s moment” and arguing about the importance of money.

4. Voyager Digital LTD

Next comes Voyager Digitalin the list that invested in Bitcoins. As per the research reports, Voyager Digital, a crypto brokerage firm, holds about 12,260 BTC, worth around $582 million in their recent prices. The company aims to offer a one-stop shop to trade in their digital assets, and in May 2021, they reported their quarterly revenue of about $60.4 million, up 16x from their previous quarters. As noted by CEO Steven Ehrlich, they witnessed an exponential adoption of digital assets as recognized and among the investable class.

The company had struck a significantly measured tone that notes a distinctive drop in the price of bitcoin that might have a materialistic side effect on the outcome of the company’s operations and points to the distinctive drop in the price of Bitcoin in March 2020 as an inference of the uncertainty of market due to COVID-19.

5. Block, Inc

Block, formerly known as Square, had lit the fuse over its institutional investments in Bitcoin with their investments made in October 2020 of about $50 million in the crypto assets alongside Tesla. It reveals that it had scooped up other $170 million worth in its Q4 2020 earning statement while the company had invested in Bitcoin. It was noted to be unsurprising by Jack Dorsey, the CEO who is also an enthusiastic advocate for Bitcoin.


At the end of the day, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is making a huge splash in institutional investment. Essentially, it has its own new stories that pour out daily in terms of the institutional investment firms and the regulators who enact the new partnerships and policies for assisting in integrating blockchain technology into their adoption of crypto assets and business.

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