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Here Are Some Helpful Bitcoin Trading Strategies For New Traders

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, it can be quite frustrating for beginners! However, the entire process of Bitcoin can be effortless, if one followed the right investment strategies. If you are into Bitcoin trading, too, and looking for helpful tips to get started, read on to know further.

Getting Started With Bitcoin Investments- Points To Note

The Bitcoin trading process can be broken down into about three primary steps:

  • Create an account – Search for a trading platform that will suit your trading technique. Bitcoin Era is a rapidly growing trading app that you can download on your phone and start trading Bitcoin. 
  • Verify your ID – Several platforms these days need your verified photo ID for the security of both the sellers and the buyers as a general protocol.
  • Start trading – You can start trading once your account is created with the verifications and required information.

Important Points To Note In Bitcoin Trading 

The three steps that we have shared above are just the icing on the cake. Arriving at the Bitcoin trade, there are deeper insights into it, and we can go through a few noted things you should know before and during your trade.

  • Order books and liquidity

The order books are mainly the bedrock of most BTC exchanges available in the market. They have their electronic lists showcasing both buying and selling offers that are created for you as you line them up for you to select from.

Liquidity mainly refers to the ability of an asset flowing between every trader. Importantly it is mainly a liquid asset which is less prone since it undergoes the pump and the dump schemes. The traders would be coordinating with each other to manipulate the cost of the distinctive assets.

Effective Bitcoin Trading Strategies To Know About

Below highlighted are some helpful Bitcoin trading strategies that you need to know about. Continue reading further till the end to have an overall better understanding.

  • HODLing – It is mainly the most novice-friendly trading strategy present. It is when the traders will buy their lows and hold onto their coins until they reach their desired cost, irrespective of the price swings in the midst.
  • Day trading – The strategy on day trading will be using many quick and short-term traders for the smaller profits creating the cumulative profit at the end. You should not have any other open position once the day trade is made.
  • Scalping – The scalpers would at times be making more than several trades each day penny –pinching their way into the most significant cumulative profits as scalping is similar to the ramped-up version of the day trade.
  • Swing trading – There are swing traders who would be analyzing the trends in the market, making their moves accordingly. They would be purchasing their low and hold long enough for checking out the price to go up like the HODLers. As a result, the swing traders will be holding for a long time.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading –The P2P trading will strike out the volatility of the cost of the BTC, allowing their traders to earn based on their percentage of their profits over the platform irrespectively. There are also available options to make money irrespective of the price of Bitcoins. You can also be earning a lot with the use of these less famous payment options with several other options that are there.

Bull and bear markets

The markets that experience the downtrend in their prices are the bear market. For a few, it would mean that assets are looking at a dip of about 20% over 2 months or more as these are not the definitive figures. It would lead to many negative sentiments towards the market with further conservative investments.

The bull markets are the opposite of this. The market would be looking at the upward trends instead of the instant price drops. The market would be filled with positive investors who have the right attitude.


Hopefully, these were some helpful Bitcoin trading strategies that you can make use of as your stepping stones to become a good crypto trader. With knowledge comes power, and learning never stops, so you can surely trade as long as you are treating your learning experience. Happy investing!

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