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Best Gifts to Get Using Cryptocurrency

The mere thought of using cryptocurrency for purchasing gifts for your loved ones was completely unheard of about a few years ago. Safe to say that now cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the popular e-gifts online. The concept of using cryptocurrencies to purchase gifts online cannot be entirely dismissed. 

With cryptocurrencies growing in popularity and relevance, it’s about time you use them to make some ideal purchases. Undoubtedly, most people struggle with searching for the perfect gift to meet a person’s expectations; what’s better than surprising a crypto holder with some really essential gift using cryptocurrency.

 Cryptocurrency gifts can also function as a speculative investment or, in other words, as an equivalent to cash to purchase things via online means. These digital assets are relatively easy to gift. Some options include purchasing a gift card, electronic gadgets, games, home accessories, event tickets, and even a vacation!

 In this article, we’ll be telling you about some great gifts you can purchase using cryptocurrency and make the right choice.

  • Introduction
  • Top Crypto Gift Picks
  • Gift Cards
  •  Games
  • A Vacation
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Jewelry and Watches
  •  Cars
  • Conclusion

Gift Cards

Well, if you’re unsure what to give to someone as a present- you can always gift them gift cards if you can’t think of anything else. Gifts cards are the one-stop solution for all your gift queries.

Coingate allows you to purchase Walmart gift cards for your loved ones. All you have to do is buy the Bitcoins you’d like to gift someone, pay the amount, and a gift card will be generated in return. To use the gift card, you’ll simply purchase any item you liked on the gift card website to avail your gifted amount.


Living in a digitally powered era, it can be said without any doubt that most people spend their recreational time online playing video games. If you’re looking for what to gift to a video game enthusiast using cryptocurrency, well, you can give them Xbox and PlayStation games. Bitcoin payments can be made to buy games. Minecraft, Xbox, and PlayStation accept crypto payments and allow game purchases online.

A Vacation

Yes, you read that right. Travel platforms are no longer stranger to cryptocurrencies and how you can use them to book an entire vacation as a gift for someone special. Expedia and Virgin happen to be some of the online crypto travel platforms that allow you to book your flights as well as your hotels using cryptocurrency.

If you want to top the list of the best cryptocurrency gifts, then buying a vacation for your loved one is definitely worth considering. CheapAir accepts Bitcoin payments, while Expedia also allows you to book and buy your tickets online. Many hotels in the United States accept Bitcoins as payment methods, and some cities even have Bitcoins ATMs.

Electronic Gadgets

There are many online e-commerce stores that offer a variety of electronic gadgets that can be bought using cryptocurrencies. From gaming gadgets, laptops, and software to any home appliance- all such electronic items can be easily purchased and gifted using Bitcoins.

 While mobile phones can also be gifted using crypto money, you can also consider buying heavy home appliances from your crypto money. For example, think of giving a brand-new dishwasher to your mom for Christmas this year- it sounds like a total win-win.

Jewelry And Watches

With an exquisite jewelry piece or a statement watch as a gift, you can possibly never go wrong, which is why numerous brands and retailers now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Several famous luxury retailers offer you to buy watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other reputed high-end brands. Not only this, but some jewelry stores and brands also now allow you to purchase expensive jewelry items as gifts.


While gifting cars might not be a very common option, it is still possible to consider gifting one using cryptocurrencies. Some car dealers already accept Bitcoin as payment, but now many well-known car brands have joined the list.

The famous electric carmaker Tesla is one such car company that allows you to purchase cars using crypto money. The Tesla founder Elon Musk himself is a crypto enthusiast and actively supports the emergence of Bitcoin in the modern e-commerce world. Not only this, but you can also buy a BMW in the United Kingdom using cryptocurrency, but for that, you’d have to go through a third-party website.

Final Thoughts

It can be said for the fact that cryptocurrencies are now beginning to rule over the e-commerce world. Their convenience and ease of use have proved them to be worth considering, given the amount and variety of gifts you can buy using cryptocurrency. Buying and sending out gifts to your dear ones by sitting miles away from them definitely sounds convenient and impressive, especially with the naval virus is spreading in every continent of the world.

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