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Young Successful General Managers of 2020

A company is like a boat, and the manager is the captain of the boat. During rocky storms, if you want the boat to sail smoothly, you need a wise and strong captain. The year 2020 was one of the blizzards for businesses that’s never been experienced before. After all, there’s a reason why studies reveal that the global economy can shrink by 5.2% this year – the worst fall since World War 2.

Who is a General Manager?

By definition, a general manager can be anyone who can lead a team, or someone, who can instill the roles and responsibilities in themselves, and others around them. Usually, a general manager is one, who is entrusted with the role to carry out just operations, and also manage the team through the entire process!

However, you don’t need any inbuilt skillset to become a general manager. You can easily acquire them with sheer determination and practice. Let me now tell you some of the most important skills that make you a successful general manager!

What makes You a Successful General Manager?

1.    Creating a friendly working environment

This is one of the key factors, which every managerial aspirant should have in mind if they wish to become an amazing general manager. They must know the way in which the environment becomes friendly for all individuals. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances morale amongst the team members.

2.    Possessing a clear vision

Every successful General Manager is known to have clarity in the head and lead the team from the front. So, if you want to get work done, you need to chalk out a feasible plan, to make things happen.

You can start with smaller milestones, and work your way up so that it attracts more team members to contribute, and eventually be responsible for the team’s success. You can top it off with the right motivational incentives and recreational activities for team building.

3.    Utilising the resources optimally

Yes, you heard it right, as efficient utilization of the resources is the only way forward for most businesses. A successful manager knows how to utilize every team member, and the funds in hand, to derive the best results.

This requires excessive planning and also making space for contingencies along the way. You should be completely aware of the progress of your team at every step of the way, know how  and when to cut costs or allocate more funds to optimize results.

4.    Identifying the best human resources

As a manager, you also need to reckon the team members capable of adapting to your responsibilities in the following term. This will require you to closely tailgate all the members’ strengths and weaknesses, and identify the passionate and determined ones.

5.    Keeping the wheels turning

As a successful general manager, you will have to keep the wheels turning in the business irrespective of circumstances. From budget constraints to limited human resources, as a manager you need to be prepared for everything. This is a test of your skills under crisis, and you are expected to excel if you wish to stand out.

Some of the best General Managers in 2020

Jacob King Stanley

Jacob King Stanley is a rising manager in StudioHawk, Australia, an SEO agency. Starting at a very tender age of 12 years with a keen interest in business strategizing and working in his dad’s art gallery, he is currently running a global multi-million-dollar agency.

With a great passion to develop immaculate workflows and working with the top companies in Australia like New Balance, Mecca, etc., he has changed the way SEO Specialists work and is known for his passion and professionalism towards work.

Charles Martin

One of the youngest General Managers in the 5-star Luxury hotel industry of Australia, Charles Martin has climbed the steps of success like a fine young lad. From a concierge to a General Manager at the same hotel, the journey has been vivid. He has also worked at Ernst & Young and Aussie Home Loan, after finishing his studies at the University of Queensland.

While studying, he was working as a concierge to make his ends meet. On his venture with Aussie Home Loan, he was offered to be a hybrid operations manager, at the new Emporium Hotel, which was under construction and he soon became the GM there.

Jessica Mellor

She’s the youngest female GM of the Star Gold Coast and has a brilliant track record in the field of food and beverages and events. She has been a director and CEO with the Aquis Group, and the experience has helped her land this job.

As the youngest female GM, she wants to give her best to the organization and create several opportunities for human talent across the globe. 

So, if you are looking forward to becoming as successful as these general managers, you need to start today. And remember, consistency is the key – just keep doing what you are expected to do and you will soon achieve what you always desired.  

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