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What to Do When You Can’t Find a Job: 7 Tips

Jobs are an essential part of human lives. This is because it provides the income required to pay bills and afford a certain kind of lifestyle. However, the problem is that most people can’t seem to get a job as there are a lot of competitions in most industries.

Here are seven tips that can help switch your unemployment status.

  • Get Familiar with Technological Upgrades in your Field

The requirement for most job skills keeps changing as technology advances. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the updates that happen in each field. Interestingly, those that their job description deals with technology are at a greater risk of not securing paid employment if they don’t keep abreast of the latest trends.

  • Reevaluation

Take a second look at your resume and evaluate your skills. Write out the possible career roles that you can undertake if the opportunity presents itself. Ensure you are as realistic as possible when choosing the career opportunities, the skills and certifications you have acquired can fit into. Then write out resumes and cover letters that portray each one of them.

A cover letter is a very essential item that helps to point out the relevance of the candidate’s skills to the advertised position. This is the part where the candidates inform the employer of scenarios, where they have exercised the skills required for the job, and any extracurricular activities from college that showcase the requirements of the job description can be stated here.

The next step is to send the resume and accompanying cover letter to organizations that hire people to execute such tasks. Sometimes, the candidate might have to register on their career portal before they can be considered for employment opportunities. The candidate must be smart and fill in all details appropriately as any error can jeopardize the chances of being selected for the role.

In some cases, there might not be full-time opportunities in a given company. As a result of this, savvy candidates opt-in through other available sources such as temporary work, part-time duties, etc. These are channels that give the candidates the direct links to apply for full-time jobs when the vacancy arises. In fact, some positions are not made public as they hire competent in-house staff to fill such roles.

  • Voluntary Jobs

Volunteering is also another avenue to show your prospective employers that you are a service-oriented individual and it also adds to your work experience. Apart from this, you get to experience real work-life through the process of carrying out daily tasks. It’s best to work with organizations that offer this opportunity as it is also possible for your boss to recommend you to top management for other positions.

Apart from the previously stated merits, another advantage to getting a volunteer job is that your boss can help with a letter of recommendation in your next employment. Most firms require every new employee to bring such letters from one or two professional persons that can vouch for them.

  • Look the other way

Now, this is a hard part for most job-seekers, as career goals have already been set by a lot of people from their sophomore year in college. However, it is a smart decision to find alternatives while still searching for your dream job. Job roles like being a personal assistant, writer (If you have the skills), and all other job functions that the individual can fit in temporarily.

  • Get New Certifications

Learning is a never-ending process and new things are invented in most fields every day. It’s very vital to stay updated by getting certifications that can make you stand out from other applicants. Certifications such as accounting certifications and licensing, HRIP certifications, HVAC certifications and licensing, Nursing certification and licensing, etc. These licenses and certifications not only give you a better chance of being selected, but it also updates your knowledge on the current practices in your field of expertise.

  • Preparations

Some firms require certain preliminary examinations, it’s important for candidates to brush up on their math and English skills. Again, other elementary aspects of the field should not be jettisoned and no stone should be left unturned. To effectively prepare for a certification exam, having a study plan and allocating dedicated study time is crucial. Begin by thoroughly reviewing the exam syllabus and identifying key areas that require more attention. Utilize various study resources such as Series 7 practice questions and a guide by Career Employer to deepen your knowledge and comprehension.

Interviews can also be very tricky, candidates should rehearse and ensure that their confidence level is also improved upon before the date of the interview. There are a lot of videos available on the internet that can serve as a guide in this aspect.

  • Social Media

Interestingly, employers are now running background checks on their potential hires on social media pages. It’s important to be careful when posting as your post might just be the reason your application is jettisoned.

Getting a job is a very serious task and should not be taken lightly. Moreover, good things happen to those who not only put in efforts but have a positive mindset. It’s very important not to let the present situation get the best of you, find time to relax, network, and smile very often.

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