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Handy Tips Every Beginner Should Know When Building a Website for the First Time

To impress prospective customers with your business operation, you need to have a powerful website available for your brand. And you also need to ensure that your business website is competent in terms of its design, functionality, performance, and usability. Otherwise, you’ll watch your customers switch to a competitor and you’ll end up losing your leads.

A well-structured website can be easily built using one of the many website-building services available out there, you just have to choose the most fitting one for your unique business requirements. Of course, it also depends on the type of content you choose to post on your site and how much you are willing to pay for your new web portal. 

But we’re here to put you on the right track, so here are some helpful tips on how to build your website.

Choose the Best Domain Name

Your website’s domain name is the middle part of the web address leading to your page. It’s the name or acronyms of your business placed after the “www.” or the “http://www.” and before the “.com,” “.co,” or “.net.” You should aim to make it easy for people to pronounce the name and communicate it, so choose words and names that are easy to spell and memorize. You should also stay away from slang words or punctuation in your domain name and use a “.com” domain suffix rather than a “.net” or a “.co” one. Typically, “.com” domains are referred to as Top Level Domains or TLDs, so you want to make sure you have a web address with a TLD.

Find a Secure Web Host

After you’re done optimizing your domain name and making sure it’s easily accessible, you should start looking for a dependable host for your new site. A web host is a channel or platform storing your website on the internet for people to see and engage with. For a beginner, cheap shared server web hosting services may seem appealing, especially with monthly rates as low as $3. 

However, cheap providers offer slow services that lack security, and they won’t be the best option when your site traffic increases. The options available at Hostgator coupon codes give variety to people who would rather cut down on expensive standalone server charges, and discount their web hosting services. This is because renting your own standalone server can cost over a hundred thousand dollars, and that’s on a monthly basis. The best option is to use a virtual private server. VPSs offer ultimate security and are very scalable and cost between $20 to $70 a month. 

Create Menus That Are Easy to Navigate

Another important piece of advice is to avoid overusing menus in the design of your web page. No more than 5 drop-down menus at the top of your homepage will do the job. The fewer tabs you have, the simpler your website is. Overcrowding your site with too many confusing options will drive your users away and make your site look messy and unfocused. Want more options and links? Add a couple of tabs such as Contact Us, About, and Booking down in the footer menu so that you can free some space in the upper section of your site. 

Create Appealing Content

The type, category, and quality of the content you post on your site will determine how much time users spend on your website and how likely they are to return to the page again. Two factors play a role in rating your online content, accuracy, and appeal. You need to create engaging content that users find interesting and at the same time fact-check your information to maintain a credible source for your users. Search engines will always rank a site depending on the credibility and reliability of its content in addition to how long users stay on that site. To produce unique content, you need to tailor your posts to your niche and use the tools most matching your type of work.

For example, high-quality pictures and large imagery are perfect for businesses selling visual products, while readable content may be the best choice for companies selling technical products, as these companies tend to share a lot of inside details about their products with their consumers.

To run a profitable and scalable website for your business, you need to understand the ins and outs of online communications and find the platform that displays your business in the best way. A website may be the best option for most businesses approaching online services as opposed to many social media platforms that may not be able to carry as much information about a certain product.

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