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What Should I Write In The Email Subject Line?

What Should I Write In The Email Subject Line?

Writing good subject lines can be hard and we should consider how the subject is used by email clients so people can benefit from them. Having an interesting subject on your email increases the open rate and results of your email marketing. What Should I Write In The Email Subject Line? Is often the first questions asked by many when writing an email. It´s a small part of an email with only a few letters but still it is incredibly important that you succeed with writing a good one because otherwise, it might not ever be opened.

These rules are useful for subject lines:

  • It should help me find that email later
  • It should set a topic for a message

1. It should be the first thing to be decided

Many times subject lines are not given much importance. It is drafted after the body of the email is ready to be sent. This is one of the biggest mistakes that one can do. We all know that the first impression is the last impression. And the first and foremost thing that your recipients get to read in your mail is its subject line. It has to be given importance and should be the first line to be drafted.

2. Personalize the subject line

A personalised subject line is always more catchy. It gives a feeling of personal attention to the recipients. When sending emails from a company, one has to send the same emails to multiple recipients. A personalised subject line for each recipient should be drafted, giving an impression that the mail is drafted for each recipient individually.

It is advised to use the name of the recipient, either first or last name, in the subject line. Adding the city name of the recipient is also a good practice.

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3. The shorter the better

Short subject lines can be read by the subscribers at a glance. Moreover, mobile phone have become the primary email reading device. Short subject lines are easier to be read on the mobile.

4. Induce curiosity

The subject line should be capable enough to induce curiosity in the recipients. It should be interesting to trigger them to know more about the mail.

Though it should give some idea of the mail content, the whole content of the mail should not be disclosed. It should make the receipts curious to check out the whole content of the email.

5. Make it simple

Simple subject lines are always admired. It is easy for the recipients to understand and read. Making it in poetic will not be to your advantage.

What are you writing in your subject lines?

Do you have any secrets to increasing your email open rate with the help of the subject line? Let us know in the comment section below!

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