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11 Essential Web Design Tips Businesses Needs to Know

“Good design is good business.”

Thomas Watson Jr. said it right. 

Your website reflects your business so it needs to be a standard one to serve the purpose. If it’s not benefitting your business, know that it’s not the one. If you can’t turn your visitors into clients, your website is absolutely worthless. Website is a must at this time if you don’t want to lose potential customers online.

Do you know what a successful online presence means? It means to have a quality designed website that is constantly helping you to establish your business. But once you have it, it needs to be optimized from time to time. In the digital marketing world, it’s essential to have a website. A high-quality website is the one that has adequate & relevant content with an eye-soothing design and good user experience. But how to have it? Let’s talk about some key elements for web design:

1.Know the purpose: 

Often it happens that we decide to do something but we just start doing it without having any plans, outlines or ideas that can be helpful in implementation. Most of the time this kind of work can’t survive long. While making a website make sure you know how it’s gonna serve the purpose also what’s your own purpose of creating it. If you’re clear about your motive, proceed. Know what and who are you trying to reach to which extent so that you can develop it according to the purpose. Flying blind won’t going to help at all.

2.Prepare an outline:

Make an outline and set your priorities first. Know the digital marketing strategies adequately. Don’t just start designing it with no plan . Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What can be their preferences and What’s going to attract them the most? Find out the answers and include it on your outline to properly implement it during the preparations.

3.Ensure user-friendliness:

Work closely with your web designer to ensure a great user experience. Your chosen web design agency will be able to guide you through different experiences across different devices to ensure your visitors are delighted with your website experience.

User-friendliness doesn’t only talk about the functionality of your website. It’s about the accessibility as well, from every possible device which people use. Currently, most of us prefer smartphones and small devices so it’s important to ensure that, if someone searches for your website from small devices, they can see and function it properly. This is a very essential point to keep in mind while working on a website design.

4.Enrich the contents:

Content is one of the most important elements to make a website successful. Your content should be enriched and promoted frequently to bring the potential traffic to your website that doesn’t jump from google to the trash box. Enriched eye-catching graphics, videos, images,  and writings can enrich your website too which helps you in your business online visibility.

5.Guide the visitors:

Are all of your visitors going to understand what to do next after visiting the website? It’s your responsibility to guide when someone visits your site, which is a very significant part of digital marketing. Include Call-to-action to guide the visitors about their next step after visiting your site. 

For instance, “Call here”, “Give Message”, “Sign up”, “Check this offer”, “Download this video”, “Click here to know more”, “Pricing”, etc. It helps to convert your visitors into customers and lets them reach you easily.

6.Connect social media to your website:

Link your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your website as it helps you to boost your website in other platforms and enhance the viewers from different platforms by which your business can easily get more recognition. 

7. Make it available:

Increase the availability of your website to people so that potential clients and customers can find you easily. Make it SEO friendly simplifying your website URL structure which can be user-friendly, making it accessible from every possible device, create amazing content, creating backlinks, and avoiding duplicate content, etc. 

8. Choose colors carefully:

It’s fine to be a colorful site but the colors should be chosen carefully, the color contrast should make sense and look good together also, which is good for the readability Balance the color contrast of the website’s background and the font.

9. Add FAQ section:

FAQ section is undeniably one of the most important parts of a website which doesn’t only benefit you but also the users. They usually have so many questions to ask and this can help them to find out the answers. Once you have it you should keep updating it regularly because it helps with a higher ranking in search engines.

10. Add references and achievements:

If you want to gain the trust of your client or customer, including renowned industry partners, also your awards and achievements to make it more reliable to them. Reviews should also be added to make it more trustworthy.

11. Keywords matter:

It’s a step to make the website SEO friendly and which is undoubtedly the most important stuff as it helps your site to rank in search engines. Include relevant keywords so people can find your website when they search for relevant services in search engines.

So initially what we do is, we try to have a look at the very core to know the whole process and scenario then according to that, we proceed. Factors that have been mentioned are the heart and cores for startup businesses to develop a web design that can help them, in the long run, to keep consistency and to get on with it.

Article written by Usman Raza.

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