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Unique Ways To Build Brand Awareness

Unique Ways To Build Brand Awareness

Awareness should be regarded as the first step on the path to conversion. It, alone, rarely does much, yet without it nothing else is possible. To build awareness, regardless of which tool you use, you have to accomplish two things:

1. Relevance. The human capacity to ignore what doesn’t matter is stupendous. The human capacity to notice what does, regardless of distractions, is truly impressive. Decades of advertising research have proven again and again that an ounce of personal relevance is worth a ton of GRPs.
2. Passive exposure. This is something even Google has come around to accepting, and they now advise marketers to model communications plans accordingly. The process of conversion begins with awareness, and awareness begins with unintended exposure. Nobody searches for something they don’t know they want. Nobody engages with a brand they aren’t first intrigued by.

Though this advice may seem simplistic, these are really marketing laws of nature, the denial of which has paved the road to failure for a lot of new businesses. Whatever other standards you hold your plan to, start here, and everything else you do will work infinitely better.

Social Media

Social media marketing is more popular than ever and it is also a great way for marketing and brand awareness. It is also free (in terms of money, not spent time). Social media demands hard work and dedication so in that way, social media is not free. However, if you have a low budget and want to build brand awareness effectively-social media is for you.

We recommend that you read Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business to get a better understanding of how it can help you.

There are endless unique ways to build brand awareness.  Start with an infographic or video that is slightly off- the-cuff / controversial. For example, take a jib at the biggest player in the market without naming them, talk about your product through an emotional story or make another cat video but with a twist.
Use old school marketing techniques such as billboards, TV advertising, newspaper, or direct mail. These are more expensive, but if you can afford it, you should at least try it!

Guerrilla marketing works as well. Print a bunch of flyers with your brand and pass them out around town or approach people on the street and in areas where you know your target market resides. This will allow you to converse directly with your customers, which can help strengthen your customer relationship!

Exposure is the most important thing in terms of brand awareness. You need to put yourself out there in order to be “recognized.”

These were some Unique Ways To Build Brand Awareness. If you found it helpful, feel free to share it with our friends & if you have nay further questions, don´t hesitate to comment below!

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