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7 traits Entrepreneurs can adopt – The Cyclist model

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At first glance, entrepreneurs and cyclists are two very different people whose lives don’t have any common points. In reality, these two types of people share a lot of the same traits. The motivation that drives them both is huge even if it moves towards different things. This is the precise reason why an entrepreneur can learn a lot from a cyclist.

If you look at an average day of a cyclist, you’ll be able to draw a lot of parallels with your own life. More than that, you’ll be able to see exactly what tactics you can use to improve yourself and your life. Analyzing the cyclist will give you valuable insight into your own life that you didn’t even realize you needed.

Without further ado, let’s see how exactly cyclists and entrepreneurs are similar and what you, as an entrepreneur, can learn from a cyclist to better your life.

1. Competitiveness

Without the competitive nature of the cyclist, they wouldn’t be as great as they are. They don’t see others as an excuse to belittle themselves, they see competition as inspiration to be better. You should do the same. Your competition is valuable as it shows you that things can be done even if you think they’re impossible.

The more competitive you are as an entrepreneur, the faster you’ll climb to the top. Of course, just like the cyclist remembers to play fair, so should you. Don’t let your competitiveness get the best of you. Instead, let it push you to the top just like the wind pushes the cyclist further.

2. Discipline

The cyclist builds a routine and sticks to it no matter what. A lot could happen in life, but nothing will drive the cyclist off the path they made for themselves. Does this sound familiar? The more disciplined you are, the more success you’ll have.

This is the kind of lifestyle that requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Being disciplined and not giving into temptation and laziness will pay off eventually. The drive the cyclist has to master the hardest track should be the same drive you have to be the best entrepreneur the world has seen.

Discipline is practiced day and day again, so don’t get demotivated if you fail sometimes. The more you practice it, the easier it gets. Every day is a new chance to further strengthen the discipline you have over yourself and achieve absolute greatness.

3. Independence

Being independent goes hand in hand with being a cyclist who takes their hobby seriously. The cyclist, much like the entrepreneur, has only themselves to count on. The whole time they’re riding, the cyclist has only themselves to depend on in the good and the bad times. You, as an entrepreneur, will only have yourself to pull you out of tough situations and to fix problems. 

No matter how useful the people working close to you are, you’re the one that needs to pull the weight and save yourself from trouble.

As well as that, the independence you have will help you develop further and reach new goals you didn’t even realize you could reach. There’s no one to wait for and no one to slow you down. You can go at your own pace and develop in ways you find comfortable. You’re completely free to do and advance how you please, without anyone trying to stop you. The cyclist and you both get to enjoy the freedom and independence others can only dream of.

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4. Time-management

The cyclist always needs to have a clear image of how much time a certain route will take them and how much they can cross while taking into account their capabilities, skills, and physical well-being. The entrepreneur deals with a ton of deadline and they need to figure out how they can complete them all while taking into account all of the same things mentioned above. 

If you take a look at a cyclist or actually ask one about their routine, you’ll get to learn a lot about good organization and time-management. Being an entrepreneur means always being on a tight schedule, always completing as much as you can during the day, but also fitting in your personal life.

More than everything, it means finding the time to just be yourself and relax after a long and exhausting day. Recharging your batteries is as important for you as it is for the cyclist. If they don’t rest after a long and exhausting track, they won’t be able to do it again tomorrow. Will you?

5. Creativity

How a cyclist comes up with a new route, how they cover it, and how they end up at the finish line is completely up to them. Their journey is theirs from beginning to end and what others have done to finish the same route doesn’t concern them. The creativity they use is entirely theirs and allows them to ride the same route in many different ways while still having fun. Does this sound familiar? As an entrepreneur, your creative skills will get a daily work out.


Solving problems, walking your own path to success, and devising a plan on how to get to your goals all takes a lot of creativity. You may even come across the same problems multiple times yet solve them in a different way each time. 

Coming up with new business strategies, running an office, and starting yet another project or startup will also show off your creativity. Even though entrepreneurship seems boring to the average person, it actually resembles a puzzle. You can solve it so many times and still figure out new ways to play with it if you just dare to be creative enough. The pieces fit together, you just have to find the common link.

6. Courage

Whether they’re using their electric bicycle or their full-suspension mountain bike, the cyclist has to have a lot of courage to navigate the track beneath the wheels. The entrepreneur is much the same. Without courage, there is no entrepreneurship. Just like the cyclist, you’ll need to be able to take risks, make snap decisions, and speed up instantly all in the hopes to bring you closer to your goals and keep you safe. 

In the business world, you’ll depend a lot on your fast thinking, snap judgement, and speed. Taking risks is essential if you want to move up in the business world, so you’ll definitely need to work on your courage. The good news is that being courageous doesn’t come overnight. This trait is more like a skill you have to practice time and time again. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

The cyclist moves slow and steady at first until they feel braver and the adrenaline takes over. The entrepreneur is cautious at first, but once they remember how capable they are, nothing can stop them in their race to success. You may not have two wheels to carry you, but you have the same courage a cyclist does.

7. Determination

At the beginning of the hill, the cyclist pictures the final slope of the hill and marks it as their goal. Throughout the whole ride, they keep the goal in mind. They move towards it regardless of the obstacles in front of them. Just like the cyclist, the entrepreneur visualizes their goal and moves towards it in spite of what life may throw at them.

Determination is key in an entrepreneur’s life because even if everything else fades, determination won’t. It’s going to be the thing to carry you to the top of the business world, just like the continued pedaling will bring the cyclist to their final slope.

The road to success is steep and filled with numerous obstacles in both cases, but determination can beat it all. With it by your side, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish. It’ll carry you through the best and worst parts of climbing the business ladder. Most importantly, it will help you stay at the top once you reach it.


The differences between cyclists and entrepreneurs are clear. Having read the article, you can now also see the similarities. The entrepreneur can stand to learn a lot from the cyclist and implement their discipline and courage into his or her own life. The mark of a true entrepreneur is the willingness and ability to learn even from people you thought had nothing to offer. Being perceptive and able to admit that there’s still room for improvement will launch you high in the business world. It will also give you the success you desire. In that spirit, wake up the cyclist within and make the world your winning bike track.

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