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Why You Should Pass Microsoft 70-486 Test Using Exam Dumps?

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Microsoft 70-486 Exam Overview

IT sphere has firmly penetrated almost all areas of our lives and it is still developing. There are a lot of professions related to this industry, so the demand for specialists in it still exceeds the supply. Nowadays, every person who wants to work in this area has to confirm his/her knowledge and skills by getting a certification.

If you wish to work with Microsoft products and services your way is to become dive into Microsoft Certification program. Although this year it has been modified and some of the previously issued credentials were retired, some are still valid and that is MCSA Web Applications badge. 

From this article, you’ll know how to gain it, and why you need to pass the Microsoft 70-486 exam.

The road to MCSA Web Applications Credential

To start with, if you are a developer with a 3-years background of working with ASP.NET as well as Visual Studio 2017 from Microsoft 70-486 dumps exam is for you. If you are proficient in creating ASP.NET MVC-based solutions, you can sit for this test. If you aim to get a position of a web developer or web administrator and have already passed 70-480 or 70-483 exam, you are the ideal candidate for this test, after taking which you’ll gain the MCSA Web Applications certification. This credential is proof that you possess skills to develop smart solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and ASP.NET. So, if you want to demonstrate your employer that you have the relevant skills to complete the daily tasks, then you should pass the Microsoft 70-486 test.

Details of Microsoft 70-486 Exam Structure

The candidates who want to pass this exam should demonstrate that they have in-depth knowledge of the following topics:

  • Design the application architecture. The issues related to this topic will refer to the design and implementation of the Azure Web Apps life cycle, state management configuration, and Web Socket strategy design and implementation.
  • Design the deployment architecture is a topic that will check how well you’ll complete the questions related to browser artifact, server build strategy, publishing strategy design, or Azure deployment strategy.
  • Design and develop the User Experience are two more topics that will check how well you’ll create the user interface, design UI behaviors, implement engine optimization.
  • Troubleshoot Web Applications is another topic that covers about a quarter of the total number of items. It will show how skillful you are to implement troubleshooting performance and security.
  • Design and Implement Security is another topic, which tests how proficient you are in configuring and applying authorization and possess skills to create a secure web site.

The Microsoft 70-486 test will cost you $165. This exam can include the following types of questions, such as case studies, drag, and drops, multiple-choice, hot area, short answer, mark review among many. 

The successful candidates should have substantial experience in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate expertise in designing and developing web apps using an ASP.NET MVC model
  • They should be able to plan and create user interaction solutions respecting their business requirements
  • Each candidate should know everything about the full software development life cycle of web applications
  • Candidates should know how to develop multi-tier environments
  • The methods used for the design and development of asynchronous solutions shouldn’t be a mystery for the successful candidates

Taking the test is a big deal, and good preparation will strengthen the chances of success. The following are the resources that will ease the prep process.

Count on PrepAway Training Resources to Pass Microsoft 70-480 Exam

Microsoft stands out from other websites offering accreditations with its detailed list of training options to help their candidates succeed in any exam they take. Thus, when you decide to obtain the MCSA Web Applications certification, you should start by taking a look at the Microsoft website. You can start by taking the instructor-led training 20486B by code.  This five-day training course offers you the opportunity to learn from hands-on experience and ask your questions directly to a trainer who will provide you with all the necessary information on the exam structure and topics.

In case your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend this training, you shouldn’t despair as you have other options as well. You can check the exam prep video entitled Microsoft Certification PREP Talk for 70-486 exam. You will receive new tips from the Microsoft 70-486 certification experts, James Seymour, Certification Planner, and Jeremy Foster, Developer Evangelist. In this video, they discuss how relevant are the skills that a candidate needs to obtain this Microsoft certification.

Another solution for those candidates who don’t have enough time to study is self-paced training and discover the answer to your questions related to the Microsoft 70-486 test.

In case you want to get used to the real exam’s atmosphere, then you can try the Official Practice Test from Microsoft for 70-486 exam. Thus, you will train to control your emotions during exam day, and you won’t be surprised by the questions structure and answer options. The practice test will also help you prepare for the exam day and see how the items will look like. 

Another efficient option is to take a look at what the community has to say. You should read as much as you can on Exam 70-486 Wiki and forum and discover what the other potential candidates are sharing about the exam topics.

Once you have finished reading and analyzing the training materials provided by Microsoft, you shouldn’t forget about PrepAway as a reliable training alternative. With a fee of $39,98, you can download a verified set of questions and answers, giving you valuable insights on the exam structure. You will also get specific training courses and study guides to increase your chances of taking 70-486 exam from the first attempt.


The MCSA: Web Applications certification is one of the most popular among IT professionals. Obtaining this credential is a good start or continuation for career growth which helps to deepen technical knowledge, develop cooperation with other professionals and increase job satisfaction.

70-486 test helps you develop the necessary skills to become a competitive web developer and find your niche in the world of IT. What you need is to pass either 70-480 or 70-483 exam, then 70-486 test. For that, visit the Microsoft website to use the most valid training materials that will help you succeed. Apart from the courses put at your disposal by Microsoft, you shouldn’t forget about PrepAway as a reliable source to assist you during the prep period. Useful exam dumps will help you fill gaps in the knowledge and train before the test, thus ensuring the best result.

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