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Top Tools To Improve Business Productivity in 2022

According to The Dallas Business Journal, a business that fails to embrace digital transformation is more than likely going to fail. They won’t be able to keep up with their competitors who are using the tools available to improve their output and productivity. If you want to ensure that your business can compete, these are the productivity tools you need to implement, now.

Google Drive

Google Drive has possibly become the most popular application for document management in 2022, and for good reason. Google Drive provides free data storage and for mega-companies, more can be purchased. It is extremely easy to navigate and there are free Google Drive tutorials that can be used to train employees or to teach you more about how the workspace functions.
Google Drive streamlines the process of working on documents concurrently by allowing many people to access the same document at once and to work on it together. This eliminates the need to send emails back and forth to report on progress. This will increase output through workplace collaboration and provide an easy to access central hub of important documentation.


According to CNBC, Asana was recently crowned as the best app in 2022 to increase workplace productivity. Asana is essentially an all-encompassing workplace app whereby managers and employees can communicate in real-time without having to schedule meetings or be in the same location. The last few years has made tools and applications like this invaluable as more and more companies are now embracing the fact that working from home can be done effectively. Asana has been described by CNBC as the perfect tool for small businesses of around 50 employees who are looking to grow exponentially in the next few years.


One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business, with high numbers of employees, is scheduling meetings and working to find a time that suits everyone. Calendly has been voted as the best tool on the market for businesses that are looking to save time and streamline this process. This tool allows management to set up meetings and plan events with the collaboration of all other employees, who are also on the app. It allows everyone in the workplace to know where and when an event is taking place without having to defer and discuss dates in person.

Other Notable Mentions

These tools are by no means the only options, but they are those that have earned themselves a top spot for multiple reasons. Other tools that can help to improve business productivity in 2022 are Slack,, Trello, GanttPro, and ClickUp, to name a few.

Digital Collaboration Drives Productivity

A workplace requires a unified workforce to streamline workflow. This is why collaboration is so important to the improvement of productivity in small and large businesses. The tools mentioned above focus on improving workplace collaboration and eliminate business practices that are time consuming and lack accountability and transparency. These tools increase the output of the workforce as a whole and this increases the potential of improved revenues and better bottom lines too.

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