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Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: Which is Best for Your Organization

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. The majority of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, and not many people rely on their desktops anymore. Mobile phones have become an integral part of these advancements for many reasons. People no longer leave their homes to go bet.

With smartphones, it’s easier and more convenient to bet online in the comfort of your house. Most sports betting companies find it hard to choose between developing mobile websites or mobile apps. Having both is an added advantage though not all companies can develop both simultaneously.

Nonetheless, based on customer needs and convenience, it is evident that most users prefer mobile Apps. This article looks at why mobile apps are a better option for your Organization than mobile websites.

Features that make the mobile app the better option over mobile website 

Personalized experience

With apps, it’s easier and more possible to offer your customers customized content. Apps are configured to offer services or products that suit users based on their location, interests, or usage patterns. The beauty of apps is that they allow users to set up their personal preferences once downloaded.

Their design allows them to track how users engage on the app, giving them blueprints on what customizations align with different users. For instance, on a betting site such as Parimatch, with a wide range of games and an online casino, the app can track your favorite games and recommend other games that are similar to what you most prefer.

On the other hand, in a cricket-loving country like India, cricket betting odds would be of interest to most bettors because of their location. Customized content improves the experience of the app. It also enhances the company’s conversion rate. When users are happy about the content they receive, they might buy your products or services.


Betting apps make the experience easy, more exciting, fast, and fun. The amount of information availed on the apps regarding your favorite teams can come in handy to help you place your bets. You can scroll through team sheets to know which players are unavailable, the nature of the grounds, and the weather conditions.

Such information before kickoff can help you make informed decisions when betting. This is possible regardless of where you are because you can use the app anywhere. The information kept on the apps can also help monitor your profits or losses from your betting endeavors.

Apps also make it easier for the user to multitask. You can stream your favorite game and bet live while at it. All this is possible at your convenience in bed or as you perform other chores at home.

Working offline

The biggest catch of mobile apps over mobile websites is their ability to perform tasks without internet connectivity. In offline mode, one can still be able to execute some jobs. Even so, the full functionality of an app is limited to an internet connection.


Mobile apps make things easier and more convenient for organizations to communicate with customers. Unlike before, where e-mail was the only trusted and widely used mode of communication, app notifications are more effective. Notifications can be sent when the user uses the app, also referred to as in-app messaging, or through push notifications, which one can receive even when not logged into the app.

Mobile phone features

Mobile apps allow an organization to use features on a customer’s phone. For example, GPS tracks the location and helps offer content that is more suited to that location. For verification purposes, one can use their phone camera to take a photo or photos of documents and easily send them.

The use of these features makes the experience more collaborative and exciting. The interactive approach helps to save time and use less effort in tasks that would have otherwise taken a long process to complete.


With mobile apps, it’s easier to make payments through the phone. It allows users to make instant deposits and withdrawals. Paying through the apps is safe and often saves time compared to traditional payment methods such as transfers.


Big companies such as Parimatch often avail bonuses and rewards for using their apps. Despite allowing you to bet with minimal deposits, you can benefit from a wide range of promotions in-app betting from time to time. For instance, new app users are offered a welcome bonus to use free of charge on the app. Referring your friends to the betting firm can also earn you rewards in monetary form or free bets.

Offering rewards is also a form of marketing for betting firms. Attractive products increase the traffic to the site, which translates into more users. Some firms today also reward loyalty. The longer you use their app, the higher the bonuses you receive. It helps these firms to attract and retain customers for long-term engagements.


The choice between a mobile web and a mobile app comes down to an organization’s preference. For big companies such as Parimatch, which have been around for decades, mobile apps can be helpful to increase conversions and improve user experience. After all, we are now living in the mobile era.

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