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6 Sneaky Ways to Give Your Business the Boost It Needs

Is your business in need of a boost? Are you concerned that even after investing in promotional campaigns, the results are not impressive? If so, perhaps it is time to add that spark to your business. When your business is underperforming, you need the right tools to improve it. Sometimes, you don’t even need wads of cash to boost your business. Some creative remedies to improve your business are absolutely free! Here are some sneaky ways to boost your business.

1.Go Live

Lights, camera, action! Today, many platforms, especially on social media, have made it possible to go live from any location and reach more users. It is basically broadcasting to the world without the need for expensive telecommunication equipment.

Why Go Live?

  • It is inexpensive and readily available. To livestream an event is so cheap because all you need is a camera and an internet connection.
  • It personalizes your brand and makes it possible for people to see the face behind the brand.
  • It offers a large audience coverage.
  • It is easy to integrate with other platforms so that multiple users can follow the live event from different platforms.

2.Start a Blog

Business blogging is a proven tool that aids business growth. It is a powerful way to reach more potential clients through fresh and creative content. Brands looking for online resources from can access updated information on topical issues. Most businesses integrate blogging on their websites in a bid to drive traffic to their sites.

Why Blogging?

  • Through blogging, more traffic attracted to the site can be converted into leads. Most blog posts have a call to action that leads to a landing page. Offers on these landing pages can help brands get user information.
  • Blog posts keep users engaged. Good content will attract more readers to the site, thus increasing site traffic.
  • Good blogging can help improve your ranking on web pages because every time you post fresh content on your website, the search engines index that content.
  • Blogging differentiates you from other businesses offering the same products and services. 

3.Sponsor Events

When brands sponsor events, they are usually looking to get business gains, such as brand awareness. In an age of increased digital marketing, sponsoring events helps marketers to assess how people on the ground receive their brand. Research has shown that experiences and events improve how audiences perceive a brand. A large number of people who participate in an event feel positive about brands and might even buy them.

Sponsored events help to increase a brand’s competitive edge. In a landscape where brands jostle for visibility, potential clients might often feel that they are bombarded with information from all sides. During events, however, brands get a chance to engage with potential clients on a personal level. Their perceptions of the brand can be positively influenced.

Why Sponsor an Event?

  • You can generate more sales during an event.
  • Potential clients may feel better engaging with the brand because it is not intrusive on their private lives.
  • Your brand will have better visibility.
  • You can create new business partnerships.

4.Try Direct Mail

Before you dismiss direct mail, you will be surprised that this method has many benefits. Businesses have used direct mail for the longest time. It is only after the advent of technology that direct mail seemed to play a peripheral role in marketing and promotion. For those seeking a sneaky way to boost their business, direct mail can be the solution.

Why Direct Mail?

  • It can drive more traffic to your website. For instance, you can add your website address to fliers showcasing your products and services. Potential clients may visit your site after reading the message on the fliers.
  • Direct mail offers you a chance to show potential clients your brand on a personal level, thus promoting trust.


When you volunteer in an activity, you might end up creating a valuable business network. People may also be inclined to buy from brands that give back to society. Ensure your customers know that buying your brand will help to improve the world around them. 

6.Press Coverage

This is a sneaky way to boost your business. You can even start with your local press. Craft a narrative around your brand and be creative as you tell your story. Press coverage gets received by a large audience. Some of these might be interested in your brand and possibly become your clients.

As more business owners look to boost their business performance, using some easy and affordable methods can help to achieve this target. Keep in mind you’ll need to plan and test to find out which strategy works for you. By using the right approach, you may end up boosting your business to the next level.

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