Friday, September 30

8 Qualities Excellent Growth Hackers Must Have

Growth hacking is not a term that you usually hear around — chances are you don’t even know what it means. We cannot blame you as it is a name that is unfamiliar unless you’re in the marketing industry. Growth hacking is coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis who is said to be the first ‘growth hacker’.

Growth hackers’ main purpose is to increase web traffic from users that can potentially be long-term customers. These hackers use different strategies based on trends and demands so that growth is continuous. As they lure in more happy and satisfied customers, revenue also constantly goes up which makes growth hacking an essential marketing strategy, especially for start-ups.

If you are interested in what they do, you must know first the qualities that make up a great growth hacker.

1..Growth hackers must have expertise in programming.

Programming is an essential skill that growth hackers should have — as well as marketing. They should be tech-savvy and knows the ins and outs of coding, page optimization, SEO, etc. If you want this path, start taking classes on programming now.2

2.He or she must know the current climate of the market.

Aside from the techy part of growth hacking, growth hackers must also know the basics of marketing. Their main job is to drive up the number of customers interested in the products. They must have knowledge of advertising and knows how to gauge customer demands and interests.

3.Growth hackers are innovative.

Growth hackers must be driven with creativity to be able to innovate new effective strategies. Customers’ interests are ever-changing which are largely influenced by trends. A great growth hacker must know how to make his or her way around these changes and use them as strategies to drive up web traffic.

4.They are always data-driven.

Not only are growth hackers creative, but they are also backed up by numbers and the science between the data. Growth hackers measure the effectiveness of the strategies, as well as customer demands through analytics, data, etc. They believe that using these numbers, they’ll be able to identify which areas need improvement and create better strategies.

5.They must be great problem-solvers.

If you want to be in the growth hacking career, you must be quick in thinking on your feet. Due to their knowledge, metric data, innovation, and creativity, growth hackers are good problem solvers. Because of these qualities, they’ll be able to come up with effective marketing strategies.

6.A growth hacker should be open-minded.

You must be open to new ideas and is constantly curious about everything. Growth hackers also strive by experimentation — they are not afraid of trial and error. Keeping an open mind helps in measuring what the market wants and needs.

7.They must be obsessed with growth.

The main thing that should be in your mind is growth! Growth hackers do not settle with straight lines and “good enough” strategies. They always strive to constantly create growth –the sky is the limit.

8.Great growth hackers know how to network.

Lastly, growth hackers should have good networking abilities. Not only should they be working on their target results, but also in connecting with other great growth hackers that are effective additions to the team.

If you have the potential for this kind of career, there are a lot of growth hacker jobs waiting for you, Do not miss a chance anymore and grab the opportunity to master your way into growth hacking and marketing.

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