Packaging Trends Of 2021

Packaging has an impact on securing customer loyalty and brand awareness. It is the first impression of a company to consumers. It is an essential element that no manufacturer should ignore. Aside from an excellent first impression, your product packaging affects your business in several ways. 

As global change accelerates, uncertainty arises and affects consumers behaviors and preferences, which will profoundly affect the packaging industry. You need to identify critical opportunities for brands, retailers, and packaging. 

Why Is Packaging Important To Your Business?

Keeping up with packaging trends can help your business survive and succeed this year. While it’s a way to present your products to potential customers, packaging plays a critical role in providing safety and security to the products inside. 

The packaging needs to be reliable and sturdy as it needs to keep the product protected during transport from the manufacturer to the retailer. It must protect the item from accidental damage until it reaches a potential consumer. Whether you’re a startup or trying to work on rebranding your products, Idea Dolls offers a distinctive approach to how you can market your products while keeping up with the latest packaging trends. 

Providing brand awareness and consumer loyalty is imperative for any business, regardless of the industry you work in. Here are essential things to keep in mind when it comes to packaging;


  • It protects your product
  • It promotes and displays your product 
  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • It attracts potential buyers or consumers



With so much happening in the world right now, it’s imperative for every business to take a closer look at their packaging. E-commerce has soared this year, which increases the consumer’s experience of a product or packaging ambience. Therefore, corporate branding and packaging designers are expanding the ante to create a distinct brand for your front door. 

Biggest Packaging Trends To Consider

Design trends for creative packaging emerge each year to ensure that it aligns and satisfies consumers’ requirements and preferences. Packaging is not only about attracting consumers to buy your product. In that way, it protects the end consumer to ensure a safe delivery regardless of the challenges associated with transporting it to your door. 

The following are the top packaging trends for this year that will help you succeed in business;


  • Protective packaging


The overall demand for protective packaging continues to rise as global pandemic preparedness develops. Grocery deliveries and carry-out meals are becoming more prevalent than ever before. 

Regardless of the industry, consumers will appreciate packaging that offers additional protection and lowers viral exposure. Having sturdy packaging this year is crucial given its reliability and low-to-no viral exposure. 


  • Personalized packaging


When almost everything in the world seems impersonal and disconnected, packaging offers a personal approach to consumers. Food delivery in the e-commerce industry has continued to make everyone socially functioning and connected. 

Including your consumer’s name on the packaging creates a unique royal experience while improving loyalty and brand awareness.


  • Permeable packaging materials


Material that is less inclined to transmit viruses is becoming more and more popular among manufacturers and consumers. Permeable packaging services like cardboard boxes are less hospitable to viruses than non-porous materials. 

One of the reasons this trend will continue in 2011 is that porous packaging minimizes the spread of viruses and prevents them from moving around and spreading. 


  • Clear typography packaging


The convenience of quick shopping has been the latest and in-demand trend. Consumers are looking for ways to cut off their time spent inside supermarkets through clearly labeled products or packaging.

Clear typography packaging allows consumers to find products they are looking for easily. Combined with using bold colors can easily catch consumers’ attention. Hard to read fonts create a challenge for consumers to identify or purchase the products special if they’re in a rush.


  • Sustainable packaging


Consumers nowadays are choosing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for the products they purchase. Consumers are more aware of waste management, and businesses are making efforts to stay abreast with this new trend. Studies indicate that 75% of consumers would prefer to purchase a sustainable product or packaging.


  • Reassuring coffee 


One of the biggest trends and most effective packaging designs this year resonates with your potential consumer of where they are at the moment. Most businesses use their packaging copy to reassure their consumers, create relevant brand messages, and allay fears.

Business owners and marketers understand that if their product can solve an issue and provide calmness instead of stress to consumers, this will be more likely to succeed. That is why more marketing strategies will use psychological or emotional marketing for advertising their products or services. 


  • Authentic vintage experience


Vintage-inspired packaging continues to be the most popular trend and is about to become even more popular. It gives consumers a personal and unique unboxing experience, allowing them to step back in time. 

With an old-school nostalgia, its look and feel have created an immersive experience. Almost indistinguishable packaging looks as if it were frozen over time, providing a unique connection to this generation. 

Final Words

Whether you are planning to release a new product anytime this year, try to reconsider the following trends, which can help you reach your target audience efficiently. A tremendous and distinctive packaging design allows consumers to be pumped about the product even before opening it. This will enable you to be more creative in providing a unique experience that will amaze your potential buyers and transition them to become loyal consumers

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