Monday, July 22

Make Working from Home More Professional

We are all susceptible to some days when we fail to get stuff done in the office for one reason or another. This can be seriously multiplied when working from home. The distractions of Netflix, PS4, kids’ homework, or food can prove too much for many (I am absolutely one of those procrastinators).

In order to lower procrastination levels and make working from home more professional than pajamas, a cup of tea in front of this morning on the sofa job, have a look at some of these helpful tips. By making your home working routine more professional you are bound to increase productivity and make it feel like a much more normal working day. 

Replicate your office desk at home

Another way you can try and make working from home more professional is looking to replicate your desk at work at home, from the setup to a comfy chair; there is no need to spend a fortune, you can kit out your home office affordably with suppliers like Office Reality.

Get a desk calendar sorted, have all your gadgets set up correctly, and sort out all the ergonomics of your desk at home (if you can of course) to be similar to the setup that you have in the office.

This could also mean creating the means to stay connected with co-workers and others in the office through zoom, online meetings, phone calls, or emails. Having your own home office or desk means your mind associates this area with working rather than working from your bed which is going to lead you to be extremely sleepy. On top of this designating and working on creating an office-esque space in your home means you can dissociate from work when you are finished for the day. 

Regular working hours

It’s all about routine, routine, routine! It’s important to establish regular working hours and stick to them just like you would if you were in the office. Swaying either side of the day can cause a disrupted routine and schedule throwing you off with deadlines and productivity.

Try starting at the same time every day and having your breaks at similar times every day. Maybe even, if you can remember (it feels that long ago), to recall when you usually had tea or coffee breaks in the office and replicate this in the house. By establishing this routine you are more likely to work more effectively and productively during the set hours as you become increasingly used to the timings. You’ll now know after your 11 am coffee break you’re in for a caffeine boost for an hour before lunch and you can put your mind to some serious work during this period. 

Get dressed in work clothes

We are all guilty of it. In fact, there’ve been times when, and I am sure I’m not the only one, who has been lying in bed on a work zoom meeting with a shirt on my top half and underwear on the bottom half. Or alternatively with no meetings you have resorted to slumbering in your pyjamas on the sofa all day. Whilst this is certainly convenient and comfy, it definitely does impact on your attitude towards the work you are doing.

The drop in productivity from not getting yourself dressed into proper work attire is a mental state which makes it feel like you are almost on holiday and can/will definitely affect your output. Instead, you should look to shower and get ready in work clothes for your day ahead, even if it is sitting at your desk in your room all day. The mental space this puts you in is much more effective and solid than another work pajama day.


Whilst working from home seems easier and nicer, it can be difficult to actually get your head down with the amount of distractions around and the difficulty to separate work and home life. By following some or all of these tips you may be able to make working from home a little bit more professional. This may allow you to be more efficient and productive allowing this really stressful and hard time to be that bit easier. 

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