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How Useful Is a 3D Product Configurator?

Throughout history, there have been several instances of formerly unpopular ideas experiencing a second wind and becoming much more popular, even if only on a small scale. For decades, the use of product configurators has been waning. However, as people realize the potency and importance of this tool, 3D product configurators created by different studios, including CyberFox, have witnessed a great shift in popularity and usage. Many new businesses are attempting to capitalize on the move toward bespoke product configurator creation and enterprise-wide platforms.

Configurators may be a beneficial addition to your firm, but you’ll want to learn more about them, particularly in terms of how valuable they will be to your corporation. For your benefit, we will go deep into the subject and clear up any misunderstandings you may have concerning the 3D product configurator.

Defining 3D Product Configurators

In the case of a 3D product configurator, it is a software solution that enables users to envision a single product in a variety of variants by selecting from a menu of available choices. You may assume that it includes a 3D model of the product that varies depending on how the user customizes the product. For example, a sofa model, carefully made by a proven configurator, will allow the user to choose the couch color, material, length, and extra features before placing an order or using the new design for another purpose.

 When Does Product Configuration Software Come into Play?

First, there is a connection between the sales cycle and 3D configurator and visualization software. This makes sense since it is the most obvious example we come across and the one that businesses choose to use to promote their products and services. 

In addition, the advantages of using product configurators are not insignificant. Other applications exist, however, that may benefit your company’s external and internal procedures in the following ways:

Configuration of an Ecommerce Product

3D product configurators in ecommerce become an integral component of the sales process, allowing consumers to have a personalized shopping experience. No matter if the website showcases a single product or a massive catalog of items sold online. When users have finished their customization, they are often given the option to make a purchase.

Configuration of a Product for Prototype and Development

When firms choose customizers for internal reasons, one of the most common uses is as a development and prototype tool. A 3D configurator assists them in settling on a final design for a product and determining how it will operate before constructing a complete physical model of the development. It may also be used as a digital twin to view performance metrics and evaluate changes in the environment.

Product Configurator for Customer Service

Even while we tend to concentrate on the aesthetic aspects of configurators, it is important to remember that they may also be a significant source of information.  Many are created with helpful text explanations for all adjustments and general information about this particular version of the product to make it easier to navigate.

Product Configurator for B2B Sales.

As you are surely aware, many things can not be manufactured without using certain parts or components that a company’s partner has developed. Due to the limited availability of a consumer market for these specialized components and machines, providers may readily promote their products to other businesses via configurators. Product configurators such as the engine manufacturers to allow consumers to measure how much room their engine will take up under the hood of their tractor, how much gasoline it would use, and so on are becoming more popular.

Product Setup for Advertisements and Presentations

Customizers allow you to present your goods seamlessly and uniquely. The item may be examined at your leisure using this program, which will enable you to zoom in on and concentrate on the aspects of the item that interest you, as well as create unique combinations to meet your particular style. This is in contrast to standard promotional movies, stills, or renderings. Additionally, the film captured by the configurator may be simply converted into animations and advertisements.

Configurator for Enterprise-Wide Training

Customizers are often integrated into a broader corporate program – such as a training handbook or simulation – to provide a complete solution. Employees of the organization may get more familiar with the item’s appearance and functionality and the many versions that the company offers by using the program. Technicians may also use it to practice repair and maintenance operations in various situations.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust Are Important

Customers like it when they can sample a product before making a purchase, and they particularly appreciate the opportunity to see the exact product they have personalized precisely as they desire. This quick response in terms of how it appears, the price, and the possibility to place an order immediately reduces the need for the excessive back-and-forth interactions, as well as the opportunity to ‘dodge the sales person’ and find another vendor.

The ability to visual configure the product streamlines the process and places restrictions on what they may purchase, guaranteeing that the product can be generated by the manufacturing process in circumstances where Sales are required to be engaged in the sale. The automatically produced pictures and CAD drawings reduce the requirement for engineering to be engaged in the process, except for addressing exceptions or improving work being handled by the engineering department.


With the factors discussed in this guide, you should already be considering how you can utilize this tool for your business. If you can find an expert that can help with guidance on 3D product configuration, you are in luck. Using a 3D product configurator is not a tea party; you will need initial knowledge. Contact a reputable company when you don’t have access to an expert. 

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