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How to Turn the Exhibition Booth into an Exceptional Communication Tool

An Exhibition Booth with people walking all around.

Brand essence can be communicated in a plethora of ways, online and offline, by harnessing all the ingenuity and creativity at the disposal of one’s communications department, or by occasionally turning to some outside experts who can bring something really special to life for the company’s online communication and social media. The need to communicate the essence of a brand nowadays is a direct result of the evolution that has closely affected any company on the face of the earth, and especially all those brands that market physical products.

Until a few years ago, companies were almost forced to focus solely on the functional aspects, the concreteness of the product sold and its physical characteristics, with no regard whatsoever for the intangible or intangible aspects related to the sale of their good or service. Thus, from a concrete, tangible dimension, there has been a rapid shift to a new approach to the product that places more emphasis on aspects not directly visible to the naked eye, and that leaves room for the potential buyer’s sensibility to experience all the emotions and physical sensations associated with the use of the good proposed by the company.

The added value

This new way of approaching customers does not only manifest itself online, within large-scale retail chains or in any case in all commercial spaces where products are offered to the public: the emotional and experiential levers related to the buying experience can also be operated at particular industry events, during international trade fairs and conventions, through high-level trade fair stands that become to all intents and purposes communication tools, designed specifically to convey to observers all the values that form the purest essence of the brand, and which allow the latter to put to the test all the new communicative and symbolic tools with which to attract the consumer’s attention, letting him experience something unique and unforgettable that will strike him straight to the heart, indelibly imprinting itself in the fibers of his flesh.

It is unthinkable for a company to participate in an exhibition event without having devoted some attention to the design of its booth, to the conception of its physical and structural features, but also to its ability to attract the gazes of observers and encourage them to approach and perhaps even enter it, thus capturing a fragment of the user experience related to the universe of the brand and its products.

This also makes sense for those events that are B2B in nature, where the brand must also be able to intrigue other professionals in the same or related fields so as to develop new business opportunities. In its outward appearance, but also in the emotions it will be able to generate, the trade show booth should encapsulate the essential elements that make up the brand identity, as if it were a little piece of the company’s heart that just happened to end up right there in the middle of a trade show event.

An ambitious project

The design of the booth will, of course, have to be consistent with the communication strategy already set by the company, also re-proposing those physical-symbolic elements that distinguish it from its competitors and make it perfectly recognizable to its customers. In the booth, in a sense, all those symbolic elements that have been successful online as well, and which through the exhibition booth thus find their accomplished materialization, will also have to flow into the booth.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, in fact, every brand has been able to express itself in myriad different forms and ways, giving rise to clearly recognizable content that will then have to be reproposed also in offline communication media, such as precisely an exhibition booth.

This principle, in a diametrically opposite manner, has also been used by online portals dedicated to gambling, which have transferred the elements traditionally associated with physical, land-based casinos to online casinos, known in Thailand as คาสิโนออนไลน์, keeping unchanged all the emotions and physiological sensations that this experience is capable of producing. The characteristic elements of casinos can be found within the vast catalog of sites where you can try out online games, at the time of registration, but also in the valuable guides made by experts in the field, whose function is to help new users and gently accompany them through each stage of the game, from the initial registration to the redemption of the first bonus, up to the moment of the actual game.

Nowadays, brand communication largely depends on the osmotic exchange between offline and online elements, resulting in a kaleidoscope of content in which to immerse one’s consumer.

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