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Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

Nothing is surprising about the fact that social media are now one of the best tools for online marketing. They give vast opportunities and allow every business to reach as many potential customers as possible and even expand beyond their target audience. It’s all for free and with less effort than during big marketing campaigns. However, promoting a business on social media is an obvious choice, everyone does this, and everyone knows, more or less, how to do this. Here are some alternatives to social media marketing for those who seek more.

First step – a website

Before thinking about promotion on other platforms and websites, start with your own web page. Not only make sure that it exists, but most importantly, polish it up. Take care of your content, the graphic elements and the user experience. The site needs to look good, it should be easy to use and attractive. The website needs to be engaging, but also substantive, informative and reliable. If someone searches for no deposit bonus casinos in South Africa to win real money, the site they visit needs to evoke their trust. A site like explains the rules of the games, includes answers to the frequently asked questions and dissolves doubts concerning the safety of the games. Therefore, it’s way more successful than other web pages because it evokes trust.    

Once the website is perfected, it’s not the end of working on it. The next step is SEO. The acronym might sound familiar, even if you are new in the business because there is more and more talk about search engine optimization. You don’t need to know what SEO is and how it works, but knowing at least the basics won’t do you any harm. This marketing tool is yet another alternative to social media promotion.

Long story short, SEO influences the position of your website in search results. This means that whenever some Internet user searches for a service or product you offer, they enter a phrase into a search engine, like Google, and click on the first few websites that appear on the list. If your web page is low on the list, it’s omitted by the majority of users for a few reasons – mostly because they do not scroll down there, and even if they do, the top positions are considered way more trustworthy than the low ones.

Marketing tools

These days, there are more digital marketing tools than you would ever need. Make use of some of them. There are both free versions and paid but highly advanced options. Suitable for businesses of every size. These tools, like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Survey Anyplace, and many others allow successful and effective marketing online, sometimes better than social media because more accurate and targeted. Most of them give their users a possibility to adjust the marketing actions to the budget and goals, which makes them useful personalized tools for every need. If you ever require such a tool, it’s worth going through at least one or two lists of the best digital advertising options before finding one ideally suited to the business needs. 

E-mail marketing

Among the effective but not popular tools of promotion is e-mail marketing. Numerous marketing professionals claim that well-conducted actions in this area might significantly outperform social media activities. E-mails are more direct, they don’t have to compete with the social media feed and constant flood of content. As a result, e-mail marketing might be much more effective because it has a greater chance of truly reaching customers. It’s also a good way to convey any kind of message you want – news, discounts, promo materials. However, you also need to remember that no one is going to read long e-mails – bet on quality, not quantity, as usual.

Educate and contribute

Marketing and promoting business online might also be about giving and offering something unique. Maybe some experience or knowledge of the field you operate in? If you can afford it, and you want to try this new path, you might encourage people to use your services and buy products by educating them.

Organize lectures, webinars, workshops and engage people. Once they know a little more about your field, and they know that your company is reliable, they are more likely to come back as regular customers. You might also consider contributing to various communities, e.g., on online forums. However, remember that you can’t be pushy and intrusive. Promote the business only when the time is right and in suitable contexts.


There are various ways of promoting any business online without the use of social media accounts. It’s true that platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are valuable, and it’s worth knowing how to operate in social media. Nevertheless, there are other options of online marketing, too, and sometimes they prove to be more effective than you would expect. Give them a try, and you will see for yourself that promotion in the online world is not only about feeds and likes. It’s also about building a relationship and creating a reliable brand image in the network.

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