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How to Study Marketing Efficiently?

Are you studying marketing? Education of this sphere is really long, but we can help you to make it easier. Technologies are developing now, we have even paper corrector online, so everything is possible. Let’s see our life hacks.

Write What You Are Good

You cannot praise yourself – no one will praise, a content marketer should not forget about it. Therefore, life hack # 1 – be sure to create reputable and selling content.

Sometimes it seems that all the selling texts for the site have been written long ago. Do not fall for this trap of consciousness and periodically add such posts or articles. Where can I get ideas? There are many of them, they are always before our eyes: new projects, goods, services, vacancies, participation in specialized conferences and other activities, customer relations.

Every marketer analyzes competitors. Looks out for what’s new, how it worked, etc. You can not only store this information for official use, but also process it into useful reputational content. Of course, without becoming personal or, God forbid, slander and insults. Show your competitive edge, compare prices or one-stop service, tell us why you are the best in the world. Only reasonably: in facts, figures, evidence.

Take user comments on social media and create content

A content marketer looks at the activities of subscribers on social networks every day, and this is where a very interesting life hack comes to light! Take constructive comments – controversial issues, requests for detailed information, reasons for discussion. All these can become topics for publications. Don’t forget to thank the band members for the idea!

Lifehack – user comments are also content

You get the opportunity to prove yourself an expert, and share your opinion, and show active users that they are heard and appreciated.

If reading is not your hobby yet – correct the situation

Even if a content marketer does not write articles himself, he should still read. And if he writes – even more so. Read high-quality literature in different directions: domestic and foreign classics, novelties of modern authors, poetry, prose, get acquainted with the results of literary experiments, posts by interesting bloggers, content marketing gurus, and expert publications.

Convert email correspondence in interesting publications

It so happens that you send a website (logo, corporate identity, text, etc.) to the customer for approval, and in response, you receive a long list of questions. In response, you give clarifications, explanations, beliefs. These letters will be excellent materials for publications! Especially for those questions that are often repeated.

Provide detailed answers to pressing questions from customers

Kill a couple of birds with one stone at once:

  • Content on the website, blog, or FAQ section will be replenished
  • The texts will be indexed and bring new clients from search engines
  • Customers who have asked a similar question can be redirected to the article. So you can unload the working time, for example, consultants, managers

Isn’t it a life hack?

Use storytelling to story the implementation

Each business develops: it expands its staff, introduces new services, automates processes, develops new products. These things need to be talked about! Better to do it in a fun and hot pursuit. You have unique working documentation in your hands, which will become a solid base for the original publication! These are presentations, comments of colleagues, texts of covering notes. Understand that this can and should be used to create the same reputation content.

Prepare selection

Collections are a typical example of evergreen content. There are thousands of options, there are two rules – benefit and relevance to the topic. That, for example, you can pick up:

TOP-20 interesting blogs;

  • 100 books for aspiring businessmen;
  • 30 useful services for copywriters;
  • Top 20 Marketing Movies, etc.

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