Thursday, February 9

How To Market Your Financial App

If you’re new to the software business, you might believe that mobile app marketing is as simple as buying traffic and getting a few reviews in specialized journals and internet platforms. Then your financial app rises to the top, traffic pours in like a flood, and all you have to do is count the money. But in fact, the truth, however, is too far from these expectations. 

Before you start developing your financial product, you should ask yourself if it is actually in demand and what makes it different from other comparable services. In reality, over 80% of all apps in the Google Play and App Store are never downloaded and installed. So, before the direct work on the app, at least, try to do a basic poll to ensure that your financial app would be useful to your potential consumers.

Prior to the app’s release, you’ll need to consider your financial services marketing plan after you’ve completed the essential research and development. Typically, app store searches account for more than half of all app installs. It implies that customers get their first taste of mobile software by visiting the app store’s listing page. As a result, the look of your financial app’s page is critical; it should pique the interest of your potential users.

The technique of developing successful app pages and boosting keywords in the app search is known as App Store Optimization (ASO). When you begin creating your app store page, keep the following in mind:

  1. Icon should express the application’s essence and stand out among rivals.
  2. It should be simple to recall and pronounce the name of the application. It’s also a good idea to incorporate certain financial keywords.
  3. Write an easy-to-understand and informative description. Remember to include keywords there as well.
  4. Screenshots and video must be appealing; they should inform and demonstrate the application’s best features to potential users.

Because the algorithms of store search change often, you will need to permanently analyze terms and keep track of the keywords used by your competitors in the future. The primary goal of financial app marketing is to create mutually beneficial connections between creators and app consumers.

It’s critical to keep track of all user reviews, especially the negative ones. The users’ feedback is very important for the development of future updates and add-ons for your service. Create personal pages on social media websites, like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It will undoubtedly attract new customers, and it is the simplest method to obtain feedback from them.

The full-service marketing of mobile apps is a time-consuming and complicated process. Only an integrated strategy can lead to success.

Submit your finance product for special awards such as “Best Mobile App.” When you receive an award, your program will gain visibility and reputation, and you should notice an increase in the number of installs in a short amount of time. The key to the app’s promotion is awareness. There are awards where you have to pay to enter the competition, and there are awards where you don’t have to pay anything.

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