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How To Ensure That Your Business Makes A Good First Impression

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Customers expect a picture-perfect presentation when they enter any business establishment. The first impression can make or break a business because even the smallest details matter. Most folks focus on dressing, confidence, and eye contact as the basics. However, a solid first impression should be backed up by credentials to put a business in the best possible light. In fact, recent statistics suggest it takes seven seconds to make the first impression. That’s a lot of pressure to make a new connection. This post will highlight some guidelines on how businesses can appear more professional and make a good first impression.

Make a Human Connection

When investors walk into a business, they want to know whether they can trust the team. One way of showing a human connection is greeting the visitors. Those that focus on just closing sales manifest that their intentions are self-motivated. With that in mind, the employees should always present themselves in ways they can connect with potential clients. What challenges exist in their companies? What drives them? The human connection is always the icebreaker.

Business Premises Must be Clean and Well-Maintained

When customers step into business premises, they can discover filth and grime. Professional cleaning options for buildings ensure that the front door, flooring, and restrooms are sparkling clean. Cleanliness is more important than quality, price, and customer service. When potential clients perceive a business as unsanitary, they can refuse to patronize the owner. Furthermore, a dirty place could mean the company is disorganized or struggling. In contrast, a clean and vibrant environment will give the impression that businesses are on top of their game.

Calls Should be Answered by a Helpful Person

Clients want to talk to people who can help them. Some businesses treat customer service as a non-essential and may ignore it altogether. This can be a big mistake. No doubt companies are in the age of automation, but some areas need that critical human touch. Recent research suggests that more than 70% of customers will hang up and call a competitor if they can’t reach a live person. When customers contact businesses on the phone, they want help.

First impressions are critical in every business. Brands have a few seconds to charm new contacts or lose customers. For the entrepreneurs meeting new investors, they want to make sure they can bank on the second meeting and close the deal. No matter how businesses form the first impression, the team must avoid the consequences of simple mistakes. After all, there’s no time to make up for the initial blunders. The more businesses follow the above tips, the more they can prepare for future interactions.

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